You can charge your iPhone for free and green in New York

New York City iPhone, iPad and iPod users will soon be able to stop worrying about the battery level of their gadgets, as “solar charging stations” for i-devices will appear in the city in the coming weeks.

Goal Zero, AT&T and Pensa start project Street Charge, under which the whole of New York will be equipped with street charging stations for mobile devices. Each station includes three 15-watt solar panels and six connectors, including a standard micro-USB, as well as the old 30-pin Apple connector and the new Lightning connector. In addition, the presence of a capacious battery at the station will allow you to charge your gadgets even at night!

The first eco-charger was installed the other day at Brooklyn Bridge Park. AT&T said it plans to deploy 25 such stations throughout the city this summer.

Charge iPhone

Goal Zero says the stations could be upgraded later. For example, the “surplus” energy accumulated by them during the day can power street lighting, or stations can acquire free Wi-Fi points. The Goal Zero CEO is full of positives: “We’re excited to team up with AT&T and Pensa to make New York a little greener together and make solar a little more affordable.”

Do you think this is possible in our reality?

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