Yandex has launched a minimalist version of the browser for Android

Many popular applications have light versions such as Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, or Skype Lite. They are intended primarily for those users who want to save bandwidth and device hardware resources.

The main advantage of such “stripped-down” versions is that they work much faster than their full-size counterparts. Especially on gadgets with little memory and weak processors.

Yandex also did not stay away from this trend. The installation file of her new program “Yandex Browser Lite” for Android weighs only 748 KB. After installation, the application already takes up 4,6 MB in the device’s memory, but still it is almost five times less than Opera Mini.

Yandex Browser Light contains only the most necessary things. The main page contains “Zen” with a selection of interesting news and articles. At the bottom there is a search combined with the address bar. There is also a visual bookmarks panel that opens in a new tab.

The program’s settings are as spartan as the appearance. There is only the ability to disable the recommendation feed and clear the cache and cookies. However, it is difficult to expect more from a program with such a small size.

The Yandex Browser Lite application is unlikely to be the main web browser on a smartphone or tablet. But it can be used as an additional browser. It takes up almost no space, works very quickly, always at hand.

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