Xiaomi introduced a new electric shaver Mijia S700

Xiaomi has introduced a new rotary razor Mijia S700 – it is the first in its line to receive ceramic blades. They are distinguished by their strength and durability: the description states that they are not damaged even after 6 hours in strong acid or alkali and do not react to water, shaving foam and detergents.


The case is aluminum and is protected from moisture according to the IPX7 standard. It can be soaked and immersed in water. There are three blade speeds: 3, 100 and 3 rpm. The battery will last for 300 minutes of use (up to a month of daily use), and a full charge will take 3 hours.


The manufacturer claims that after 240 hours of use, the device has virtually no external signs of wear. Considering that the average shaving time is 2 minutes, this means that it will last at least 20 years without problems. This is achieved with both the ceramic blades and the improved motor with a simplified design that lasts longer and is quieter.

The novelty has already gone on sale in China at a price of 499 yuan (≈5 rubles). With international delivery, it can be ordered on AliExpress, but the price tag starts at 690 rubles. Promo codes will help you save money.


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