Windows 2021 will face an interface update in 10

Microsoft is preparing a major Windows 10 update in 2021. According to sources on Windows Central, the update will bring with it a fresh design for the system’s user interface. It will affect the Start Menu, Action Center, and even File Explorer.

The new UI project is internally named Sun Valley and is expected to coincide with the release of a system update scheduled for the 2021 holiday season. Internal documentation describes the project as “revitalizing” and modernizing the Windows desktop. New features and animation changes are expected in standard programs and tools.

According to WC, most likely, the Windows Devices and Experiences team is working on the update, which was recently headed by Panos Panay.

In addition to the new “Start”, Action Center and Explorer, the taskbar, touch keyboard and even the appearance of the system windows can be updated. The development of the dark mode of the interface will also continue – it will appear where it still does not exist.

Unless the launch plans for this update change, 2021 will see the biggest change to the Windows 10 interface in three years.

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