Windows 10 is waiting for the Sun Valley update. What is known

The Windows Central portal, citing its own sources, spoke about the known changes in the upcoming Windows 10 Sun Valley update. According to insiders, this will be one of the largest updates to the system, through which Microsoft hopes to “revive the desktops” and bring its OS back into the spotlight. Here’s what is currently known about this update.

UI redesign

One of Sun Valley’s goals is to refresh the Windows 10 user interface. Much of this will be achieved by introducing rounded corners on buttons, application windows, and shell elements, including Start. At the same time, the “Start” itself will be separated from the taskbar, making it visually more independent.

Windows Central

Standard Explorer, file properties menus, copy dialog boxes and some other visually outdated interface elements will become more consistent with modern Windows style.

Also, Microsoft can significantly simplify the taskbar by moving most of it to the Action Center, like in Windows 10X. The Action Center itself will also be redesigned with a focus on visual separation of all elements and the notification area. More convenient and independent dies will appear, which will also be rounded.

Windows Central

The updated design will receive most of the built-in applications, including Settings, File Explorer and other system tools. All this will be complemented by new optimized animation that will make the OS smoother.

New system functions

In addition to UI updates, Microsoft also plans to add new visual solutions that will improve user productivity. One of them will be a separate window with weather, news and useful information on the taskbar on the right.

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Windows Central

The developers are also planning to add a new chart of laptop battery usage in system settings, which will indicate which applications consumed the most energy in a specific period of time. It will also provide tools to optimize energy consumption.

Another new feature will allow you to separate Microsoft Edge tabs from application windows in dock mode. This should make it easier to organize and find the right content in open applications. In addition, the system will learn to remember the location of the docked windows when connecting an external screen, so that when reconnecting everything will automatically fall into its usual places.

Windows Central

A new “dashboard” feature in the taskbar area lets you keep track of everything that happens to your Microsoft account. It will display all upcoming calendar events, recent documents in Office, emails, to-do lists and other important data.

Among other things, mention is made of a new voice input interface, a dedicated context menu for digital stylus and a new “gesture layer” for tablets that will simplify window management and system navigation. For example, you can minimize the application by swiping down with four or five fingers across the display.

Windows Central

In conclusion, the sources noted that Microsoft will finally allow users to remove most of the built-in applications. Now, in the usual way, only a few are deleted, and the rest, at best, can only be disabled.

Sun Valley Release Date

Microsoft hopes to release Sun Valley in October 2021. Until this period, the developers will test the system with a limited group of users. Based on the results of the tests, some innovations can be canceled or modified. The final list of changes has not been formed yet.

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