Where to go and what to see in Astrakhan

Table of contents

  • Where to stay
  • What sights of Astrakhan to see
  • Where else to go in Astrakhan
  • What to bring from Astrakhan

Where to stay

It all depends on the goal. If you want to go fishing, merge with nature, learn how to bake pike perch on charcoal, go to the recreation centers. Fishfactory is “luxury where you don’t expect it” (from 16 rubles per night). There are several rooms to choose from in different continental styles. Base “Olga” (from 000 per night) is located on the seaside, and its main feature is its own lakes. “AZIMUT Hotel Volga Astrakhan” is a familiar hotel on the seaside (from 6 rubles per night). Another “fishing” accommodation option is tents on the banks of rivers. But because of the Astrakhan mosquitoes, this type of recreation can be called extreme.

What kind of fish do they go to Astrakhan for? In the spring – for roach and herring. In the summer they catch pike perch, pike, catfish, asp. Autumn is also the time for roach and pike.

If you did not come for scales and a tail, then here is a selection of places in the city where you can stay in comfort and at the same time have top sights within walking distance. Bonotel (from 2 rubles per night) is located in the very center of the city in a merchant’s mansion. On the ground floor there is the Chorizo ​​restaurant with a summer patio. If you want a suite, book rooms at the Astrakhanskaya Hotel (from RUB 295 per night). A big plus is its own spa and location near the central waterfront. For those who want to stay outside the historic center, I recommend the Horizon Hotel – youthful, comfortable, modern. Price per night – from 3 rubles. The Victoria Palace Hotel is located on the embankment of the Kutum River, so in summer it is comfortable, cool and quiet. The number will cost from 800 rubles. And in “Pike” (from 3 per night) you can relax and have a tasty meal – this is a hotel and a restaurant in one person, and very close to the pier.

Before the pandemic, there were several decent hostels in our city. I visited a couple of them and saw the situation. I especially liked it at the U ‑ hostel. It is located in a wooden mansion on one of the main shopping streets of the city – Sverdlov. I don’t know if the owners were able to survive the crisis and if they will reopen, but if so, I definitely recommend it. Price – from 450 per night.

In addition, Airbnb works well in Astrakhan. There are several decent apartments at low prices in the very center of the city. You can see cool apartments on the pedestrian Akhmatovskaya street. A merchant’s mansion, two levels, its own entrance, garden and proximity to the local Arbat. If you want to both live in an apartment and receive hotel service, then the “8512” is perfect. And in this apartment you will find a view of the Kremlin, golden frames and luxurious sofas.

What sights of Astrakhan to see

In the city

The Astrakhan Kremlin

Фото: Alexandr Gostev / Shutterstock

This is the heart of the city. The first version of the Astrakhan Kremlin, which served as a defensive fortress, was built made of wood even under Ivan the Terrible, in the middle of the 1588th century. In XNUMX, after several fires, the head of the city decided to rebuild the wooden Kremlin into a stone one.

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The length of the walls of the Astrakhan Kremlin is 1 meters, it is worth taking a walk along them. And also – to linger on the main square and see the Assumption Cathedral, built under the guidance of the craftsman Dorofey Myakishev. Next to the cathedral is the place of execution, which in the old days served as a platform and a place for public punishment. There are only two of them in Russia – the other place of execution is in Moscow.

It is better to walk around the Kremlin slowly (on a sunny day, do not forget to wear a panama hat) and be sure to spend at least an hour there to hear the bells ringing on the Prechistenskaya Tower.

And only for the readers of FunPortal I reveal the secret of the secret passage to the Kremlin walls: you need to enter through the central gate, walk to the Kirillovskaya chapel (it will be on the right) and go down to the Nikolsky gate church. There in the wall you will see a ladder on the wall. Get up and walk. There is usually shade and breeze.

Persian courtyard

Address: st. Chernyshevsky, 9.

Фото: Wikimedia Commons

In the middle of the 1917th century, it was a guesthouse with benches, which until XNUMX belonged to to the heirs of a Persian merchant. Now apartments are located here. The Persian courtyard was built like a caravanserai, that is, it is based on a square with a courtyard. It is worth going into this huge courtyard with arches to feel the spirit of the East. In local galleries, amazing shots are obtained.

Armenian courtyard

Address: st. Sovetskaya, d. 7. You need to enter from the lane. Theatrical through the arch.

Photo: Turprom website

Another piece of the East from the XNUMXth century on the opposite side of the street from the Persian courtyard. Since at the end of the construction, Armenians began to settle in the house, they began to call it the Armenian courtyard. Here you could buy various outlandish goods, besides, Astrakhan residents and guests of the city used trade as an excuse for communication – they went into the courtyard and chatted for hours. Try it yourself: now there are also apartments there, but the Astrakhan residents living in them will gladly tell you many cool stories. I advise you to go up to the gallery and walk a little along these old creaky passages.

Tsoi’s wall

Photo: site “Cultural and educational tourism” – a project of the society “Knowledge”

Yes, yes, there is one in Astrakhan too. She hid in the arch of “Soviet Dentistry” and keeps inscriptions made by true fans of Viktor Tsoi. It is easy to find the wall: move along Teatralniy Lane and, as you see a large open arch, feel free to go there. To your left will be the same wall. By the way, as the researcher Vitaly Kalgin writes in the book “Viktor Tsoi and his” Cinema “”, the musician lived in Astrakhan: he spent two whole months in our Kharabalinsky district, picking potatoes on the collective farm fields. Tsoi immediately met the guitarist Sergei Timofeev, who helped him organize the Rakurs group. And the group “Kino” has already grown out of it.

Kirova street

Фото: Wikimedia Commons

Each city has its own pedestrian zones, Astrakhan is no exception. A very small (300 meters) section of Kirov Street is a haven for street musicians, poets and artists. The immensely beautiful house of the governor-general is located here – one of the oldest in the city (the first wing was built at the beginning of the XNUMXth century). Trams used to run here, and street vendors sold gold. On a sunny day, it is worth taking a leisurely stroll, eating ice cream and feeling the atmosphere of a merchant town.

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Restaurant “Navigation”

Address: st. Kirov, 26.

Oh, this is another story… The owner (Scharlau, as you understand) at the end of the XNUMXth century built a chocolate factory building and decorated it with busty caryatids. At first everything was great, but then the local press made such a fuss about the shapes of these girls that it was just right to cut them down. There was a legend that Karl Scharlau, in order not to lose visitors, reduced the size of the caryatids’ breasts. However, even at the present time, these ladies are unlikely to be surpassed by the splendor of these ladies. See for yourself on occasion.

Roman Catholic Church

Address: st. Babushkina, 81.

Фото: Wikimedia Commons

The temple preserves the memory of the Italian Capuchin monks, and it has an organ of incredible beauty. The first wooden church was built on this site in the 1762th century. The existing temple was erected in XNUMX on the site of the destroyed previous one. Before the pandemic, there were charity concerts, you could go in and listen. Follow the news on the website of the Revival of the Astrakhan Organ Foundation.

In the

Mount Big Bogdo

Фото: svn48 / Depositphotos

This is real magic. Imagine: among the steppe, in the wormwood and sands, a mountain of Martian outlines rises, which is also gradually growing.

Bogdo is located 260 kilometers from Astrakhan. The easiest way to get to it is by car: you need to go to the village of Nizhny Baskunchak, then turn right in front of a sign with the name and go along a country road until Bogdo appears in front of you. The mountain is a salt dome that is squeezed out of the ground every day. Here you can meet Buddhist monks who consider the mountain sacred, rare lizards and esotericists. Seems like a great excuse to visit this place.

Lake Baskunchak

Photo: V. Smirnov / Shutterstock

Another attraction is located near Bogdo – Lake Baskunchak. It is called the “salt shaker of Russia” – indeed, salt is mined here for many hundreds of years, from the VIII century. The views of the lake are cosmic, and swimming in its warm waters is unforgettable.

You can also get to the lake through the village of Nizhny Baskunchak. You need to enter it, cross the railway and turn right. You will have to leave the car in the parking lot and then walk to the places where you can swim.

Dune Big Brother

Another steppe celebrity is Big Brother. He does not follow you, because he is a dune.

Over the years, Big Brother reached a height of up to 20 meters. The dune is located in Narimanov district, and here you will feel yourself in a real desert – just choose a more reliable car for your trip.

This place is especially loved by rally drivers. Every year they come here for the rally “Gold of the Khagan” and “The Great Silk Road”.

Lotus fields

Фото: ted.ns / Shutterstock

But in the opposite side of our region there is an attraction that can be safely called the most beautiful. The thickets of lotuses in the Volga delta are simply an unreal sight. Huge pink flowers with giant leaves entwine small rivers. Every year I go there with tourists and every year I am amazed.

The flower is considered sacred: there is even a legend that Buddhist monks brought lotus seeds to the Volga delta so that it would sprout here and bless the land. According to another version, the seeds were brought by migratory birds.

Lotus flowers usually bloom in August, so plan your holidays to catch the sight.

Where else to go in Astrakhan

“Cult Bar”

Address: st. Fioletova, 8.

Our Astrakhan Rubinstein Street is full of cool bars. You can plan out trips to each of them for the whole night. But be sure to start with the “Cult Bar” and its large summer house with many lights. During the pandemic, the guys retrained to work online, but we hope that they will soon start working as usual.

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Market “Big Isady”

Address: st. Sverdlova, 111.

Photo: site “Notepad Astrakhan”

It is worth a visit, although for the reason that such an interweaving of dialects, languages, voices is difficult to find anywhere else. Bolshie Isady keep the traditions of a real oriental market: here you can find fruits, fish, spices, and jeans fitting on a cardboard box.

Seleskie Isady Market

Address: Pokrovskaya sq., 3a.

Фото: Gorlov Alexander / Shutterstock

You should definitely visit the main fish market of Astrakhan. You may not buy anything here, but the assortment and smells will definitely strike you to the very heart. It is worth taking a closer look at the roach – spring, fresh salted, it will be an excellent gift for your family. My personal recommendation is to look into the shop of the Church of the Intercession on the way out of the market. They sell wine made by the monks from local grapes. And it will be the finest wine in your life.

Moo Cheese Cheese Factory

Address: st. Fioletova, 8.

In the same place, on Fioletova, I recommend to look into the craft cheese dairy Moo Cheese and taste kachchota with fenugreek. Cheesemakers use only local milk for cooking and are constantly inventing new recipes. It also has a cool collection of rare kitchen utensils. You can buy takeaway cheese and have a picnic near the Kremlin from the side of Lenin Square.

“Coffee Mechanics”

Drinking coffee at the coffee mechanic Sergei Kustov is a must. His coffee car is based near the Philharmonic (Molodaya Gvardii str., 3). The owner brings top-quality coffee from different countries, knows everything about roasting and knows how to choose a drink for the guest to suit the mood.

Gellert Brewery

You can also sign up for an excursion to the Gellert brewery. They brew delicious beer that combines local and German traditions.

What to bring from Astrakhan


What is usually brought from Astrakhan? Those who come to fish take fish trophies home. Those who came to see the city … also carry fish. The specialty of our region is dried roach. It can be bought in the market, from hands, in any fish store. The bottom line is that such delicious roach, except in Astrakhan, you will not try anywhere else. Therefore, do not hesitate, buy a roach.

pike caviar

Someone else buys black caviar. But let me tell you a secret – here it usually costs the same as in your city. Therefore, it is better to take more pike caviar – fresh, just cooked, from the market. This is an indescribable pleasure. Compare the price for yourself: a kilogram of black caviar costs 45-50 thousand rubles, a kilogram of pike – 2 rubles.

Fish skin accessories

You can also find fish leather products. Wallets, purses and even boots are great options for fashionistas. There are two souvenir shops near the central entrance to the Kremlin, where you can usually find similar items.

Reed products

Also, we buy reed baskets as souvenirs – cute handmade products for every little thing at home. You can buy these baskets for fruits and vegetables. They are environmentally friendly and very durable: the Astrakhan reed is such a versatile material that it is even used for building houses.

Usually, cute things made of reeds can be found in souvenir shops in the Kremlin and in shops near it.

Endless love for Astrakhan

This souvenir is the most valuable and expensive. Come to us, and see you!

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