What to give a guy for the New Year

Don’t worry about making a choice! We have collected 16 different options.

1. Headphones

Headphones will make it possible not only to enjoy your favorite music anywhere, but also allow you to isolate yourself from the outside world when you need it. A win-win. Even if your man already has headphones, one more will not interfere. For running, compact in-ear, good-quality overhead, wireless … Just buy the ones he doesn’t have yet.

What to buy

  • Wireless headphones from Baseus with AliExpress, 1 727 rubles →
  • Bluetooth sports headphones JBL UA Sport Wireless React, 5 rubles →
  • Overhead headphones Sony XB550AP Extra Bass Black, 2 490 rubles →
  • Wireless headphones Mi Sport Bluetooth Headset, 1 890 rubles →
  • Headphones Mi Headphones Comfort, 2 990 rubles →

2. Fitness bracelet

Technology does not stand still. The fitness bracelet niche is growing rapidly. You can safely give such a gadget even to those who already have it, because the new one will surely turn out to be better. There are a huge number of fitness bracelets on the market: from the most affordable to the most advanced. But even a simple tracker will help the owner monitor their health: move more, sleep better and wake up refreshed.

What to buy

  • Smart bracelet from Luoka with AliExpress, from 1 100 rubles →
  • Fitness bracelet Mi Band 3, 1 679 rubles →
  • Smart-bracelet Honor Band 4 Midnight Blue, 1 rubles →
  • Smart bracelet Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Black / Red, 7 rubles →

3. Smartphone

It is unlikely that your boyfriend does without a smartphone every day. Perhaps he wants a more powerful machine, with more available memory and more advanced cameras, than his current device. If there is such an opportunity, please him with a novelty – he will definitely not forget about such a gift.

What to buy

  • OPPO Reno2 smartphone, 37 rubles →
  • Smartphone Lenovo K10 Note from AliExpress, from 11 015 rubles →
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro with AliExpress, from 17 rubles →
  • Smartphone OnePlus 7 with AliExpress, 40 rubles →
  • Smartphone Realme 6 Pro, 21 rubles →
  • Smartphone Apple iPhone 12 128 GB, 84 rubles →

4. VR set

Unlike fitness bracelets, virtual reality glasses are of no practical use. Still, it’s a great gift to play around with relatively new technology, watch 360-degree videos, and just satisfy your curiosity. If your boyfriend is an avid gamer, you can please him with a headset for a console or PC, but in this case you will have to prepare and first find out about compatible models.

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What to buy

  • Virtual reality glasses from bobovr with AliExpress, from 1 rubles →
  • Virtual reality glasses Samsung Gear VR, 7 990 rubles →
  • Accessories for PlayStation 4: VR helmet with a camera, 22 rubles →
  • Virtual reality glasses HTC Vive Pro Eye EEA, 129 430 rubles →

5. Wireless speaker

Another piece from a modern set of gadgets. Bluetooth speakers come in a wide variety of formats, from compact models that you can take with you on the go, to more imposing desktop speakers that take the hassle out of the workplace. Each of them is good in its own way and will give you the opportunity to take music with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picnic or a shower.

What to buy

  • Portable speaker nby S18 with AliExpress, from 1 507 rubles →
  • Portable speaker Mi Pocket Speaker 2, 1 499 rubles →
  • Wireless speakers Harman / Kardon Onyx, 10 290 rubles →
  • Wireless acoustics JBL Clip 3 Black, 2 790 rubles →
  • Wireless speakers Sony SRS-XB21 / LC, 5 390 rubles →

6. External battery

A universal battery for smartphones, tablets and other electronics is a real must-have that will be useful to everyone. It is better to take the option with a larger capacity, so that it will definitely be enough for all devices. When buying, pay attention to support for USB-C – the standard is becoming more widespread. If a guy doesn’t have gadgets with such a connector now, they will definitely appear in the future.

What to buy

  • External battery Baseus, 10 mAh, from 000 rubles →
  • External battery Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank, 20 mAh, 000 1 rubles →
  • External battery Harper PB 2612 Black, 12 mAh, 000 rubles →
  • External battery InterStep, 24 mAh, 000 rubles →
  • External battery HIPER RPX10000, 10 mAh, 000 rubles →

7. Media attachment

Television has long been nothing more than a large screen laptop or console. To have a separate device for broadcasting content and to make the process of its consumption easier, a set-top box is suitable. It will take up a minimum of space in the living room, add another small remote control, but in return will give you a simple opportunity to watch movies and play games.

What to buy

  • Smart TV set-top box VONTAR X1 with AliExpress, from 2 114 rubles →
  • Smart TV set-top box iconBIT Movie One, 2 990 rubles →
  • Smart TV box Xiaomi Mi Box S EU, 6 990 rubles →
  • Set-top box Apple TV 4K, 32 GB, 16 790 rubles →

8. Drone

All men are big children, so the toy will be a great gift. The best option is a quadcopter. Make his childhood dream come true and present a radio-controlled helicopter! Do not hesitate, even the most serious guys will play behind your back with such a gift.

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What to buy

  • Radio-controlled quadrocopter SYMA, from 8 573 rubles →
  • RC Quadcopter Mioshi 3D Mini, 1 535 rubles →
  • RC Quadcopter SPL FLEXCOPTER FX12, 5 rubles →
  • Helicopter blade, Spin Master AIRHOGS, 3 149 rubles →
  • Quadcopter DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo (EU) White, 46 990 rubles →
  • SYMA X5HW quadrocopter with camera, 3 920 rubles →

9. Robot vacuum cleaner

Few people like to clean up. The robot vacuum cleaner will be a great helper that will automatically keep your home clean. Well, this is a robot. Who doesn’t like robots?

What to buy

  • Robot vacuum cleaner ILIFE V7s with AliExpress, 14 926 rubles →
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Midea MVCR02, 7 rubles →
  • Robot vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 698, 16 990 rubles →
  • Robot vacuum cleaner Philips FC8796 / 01 SmartPro Easy, 11 490 rubles →

10.Video game or movie character figurine

But everyone has their favorite characters in games, comics and TV series. A figurine with such a character will decorate your desktop and with every glance it will remind you of who gave it to you. Joker, Batman or Darth Vader – the only thing you need to know is who he likes best.

What to buy

  • Funko POP! Star Wars: Darth Vader in Meditation, 3 490 rubles →
  • Funko POP! DC: Batman 80th, 1 rubles →
  • Banpresto Harry Potter: Harry potter Quidditch Style figurine, 1 990 rubles →
  • Figurine UbiCollectibles CHIBI EZIO, 990 rubles →
  • Funko POP! DC: 10 ″ Joker, 3 490 rubles →

11. Pen for 3D printing

The mass distribution of 3D printing is hampered by the high cost of such printers. A more affordable option for this technology is 3D pens. They look like large ballpoint pens, but allow you to create XNUMXD objects from special plastic. Such a gift will appeal to creative individuals and lovers of the unusual.

What to buy

  • 3D pen from Myriwell with AliExpress, 1 647 rubles →
  • 3D pen cactus CS-3D-PEN-A, 1 690 rubles →
  • 3D pen Funtastique Fixi MINI FPN06G, 1 990 rubles →
  • 3D pen Funtastique CLEO FPN04B, 1 190 rubles →

12. Multitool

Tools and hardware are what guys often go for. Even young people who are far from technology will surely be happy with the multitool. It’s nice to know that at the right time the most needed tool will always be at hand. And there are plenty of options to choose from: multitools, key fobs, flat or full-featured devices.

What to buy

  • Multitool from Mossy Oak with AliExpress, from 942 rubles →
  • Multitool LEATHERMAN Rev, 4 250 rubles →
  • Multitool LEATHERMAN Skeletool, 11 390 rubles →
  • VICTORINOX SwissTool Spirit multitool, 12 180 rubles →
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13. Wristwatch

The most that neither is the classic. A good watch is a great gift idea. Nowadays few people wear watches, but the fashion for them is gradually returning. If the guy already has a watch, just give him another one. Electronic instead of mechanical or in a different style. There are a lot of options.

What to buy

  • Quartz watch NIBOSI, from 1 rubles →
  • Timex watch with leather strap, 5 859 rubles →
  • ASOS DESIGN watch with black patent strap, 1 rubles →
  • Digital watch Casio A163WA-1QES, 3 190 rubles →
  • Watch with pedometer CASIO G-Shock GBD-800-1B, 8 990 rubles →
  • Stainless steel watch BOSS BLACK, 19 500 rubles →

14. Scarf or gloves

It is quite an appropriate New Year’s gift, especially if you know how to knit and are ready to please your beloved with a scarf of your own making. This will warm you much better than the purchased one. However, you can buy. For example, warm gloves with touchscreen support, which will allow you to control gadgets without the risk of freezing.

What to buy

  • Black gloves for touch screens ASOS DESIGN, 490 rubles →
  • Dark blue TomTailor gloves, 2 rubles →
  • Black gloves for Levi’s touch gadgets, 1 730 rubles →
  • Jack & Jones gray melange snood scarf, 1 rubles →
  • Gray wool scarf with stripes Paul Smith, 6 590 rubles →

15. Trimmer

Is your boyfriend a bearded man? Then he just needs a trimmer! Not yet? With the trimmer, he finally dares to grow a beard! A smart clipper will help maintain facial hair with a minimum of effort. A XNUMX-day stubble effect, a curly beard or a beard trim are all easy to do with the trimmer.

What to buy

  • Trimmer with attachments from Kemei with AliExpress, 1 688 rubles →
  • Trimmer Philips MG5730 / 15, 3 490 rubles →
  • Trimmer Remington Groom Kit Plus PG6150, 5 rubles →
  • Trimmer Braun MGK3020, 2 rubles →
  • Trimmer Rowenta Forever Sharp, 2 490 rubles →

16. Lunchbox

Snacks and fast food are not very good for your health, so it’s better if the guy dines on homemade food. With a good lunchbox, it will not mix and stain your backpack or bag, and it will also stay warm. You can choose an option not only in terms of roominess and functionality, but also of any design.

What to buy

  • Sealed lunchbox with two sections, 1 rubles → 
  • Lunchbox with AliExpress, 673 rubles →
  • Container for Tefal MasterSeal TO GO products, 1 rubles →
  • Container for Tefal Clip & Close products, 1 190 rubles →
  • Container for Tefal Clip & Close products, 3 pcs., 1 990 rubles →

Note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the collection. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

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