What to cook for the New Year

What snacks to cook for the New Year

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For the New Year, it is worth preparing special holiday snacks: a cheese snowman, potato Christmas trees and canapes in the form of New Year’s socks. And in the center of the table you can put a Christmas tree made of olives.

Here you will find delicious prawns in bacon and chips, cucumber baskets and pancakes with salmon, olives penguins. This article contains recipes for crostini with tomatoes and mozzarella, baked olives in dough, stuffed eggs and rolls with pickled cucumbers and ham, and here are snacks ideal for red and white wine.

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Surprise guests with quirky canapes with crab sticks, prunes and bacon, ham and olives, red fish and cheese, and other skewered snacks.

Everyone will certainly appreciate herring under a strawberry-shaped fur coat, beautiful chicken or fish jellied meat, mushrooms stuffed with cheese, meat or eggs, rolls with ham, cheese and eggs, julienne in a tomato cocotte and tartlets with all kinds of fillings.

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What a festive table without beautiful delicious sandwiches. Choose according to your taste: with sprats, red fish, caviar or avocado.

What salads to cook for the New Year

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We suggest experimenting and preparing truly New Year’s salads, for example, in the form of a snowman, a Christmas tree, or an elegant wreath.

Of course, the New Year’s table cannot be imagined without herring under a fur coat and Olivier. The articles contain classic recipes and non-standard options, including those for vegetarians. Do not forget about such famous dishes as “Pomegranate Bracelet”, “Mimosa” and “Capercaillie’s Nest”.

All kinds of salads with corn, green peas, crab sticks and beans have also been classics for a long time. The listed ingredients go well with meat, mushrooms, vegetables, fish and seafood.

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Fans of unusual combinations will love salads with pineapple, apple, prunes, avocado and walnuts. Layered salads will look especially beautiful on the New Year’s table (the 1st and 7th recipes from the selection with pineapple, the 5th – from apple salads, the 4th and 7th – from dishes with prunes), as well as avocado boats with cheese and tomatoes.

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For something meaty, check out recipes with liver, smoked sausage, ham, and chicken. Be sure to try salads with red fish and canned fish.

Include some vegetable salads on the menu. The choice is large: with tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, bell peppers, Korean or simple carrots, with eggplants and other vegetables.

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Weight lovers will definitely find something suitable in the selection of dietary and mayonnaise-free dishes. The rest will love the salad with chips.

And if you have very little time left for cooking, salads with squid and eggs will come to the rescue.

What hot dishes to cook for the New Year


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A duck stuffed with apples, a goose with prunes and a chicken with a golden yoghurt crust will become a real decoration of the New Year’s table.

In this article, you will find recipes for delicious pineapple and cheese breasts, as well as fragrant thighs. Here you can find chicken wings in honey, orange-soy and many other sauces, while here you will find amazing options for baked fillets. Gourmets will appreciate the delicious chicken rolls with various fillings.

If you want to completely blow your loved ones on New Year’s Eve with your culinary skills, treat them to baked chicken with vegetables from Jamie Oliver or chicken in creamy tomato sauce from Gordon Ramsay. Famous chefs know a lot about delicious dishes.


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Make mouth-watering bacon-wrapped patties from the beef, or bake the meat along with the vegetables.

You can make beef stroganoff. Classic, with mushrooms and gherkins or with wine – choose at your discretion. Chops in a spicy marinade of ketchup, honey and soy sauce will turn out very tasty.

And if you want to serve a hot dish in an original way, prepare meat in pots for each guest. It’s even easier than the rest of the recipes.

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A pork roll stuffed with bacon, apples and nuts will look amazing on the festive table. For clarity, there is a detailed video instruction under the recipe.

French pork with tomatoes and cheese and accordion pork with mushrooms look no less appetizing.

This article has great recipes for baked meat with figs, stuffed loin and pork neck steaks. And here – recipes for ribs in lime, cranberry and beer marinade.

Fish and Seafood

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Fish lovers will not remain indifferent either. For them, you can cook original salmon in dough, cod in batter or stuffed with capers and lemon seabass according to Gordon Ramsay’s recipes. And Jamie Oliver offers ham-stuffed trout and tuna meatballs.

Take a look at the 17th and 18th recipes in this article. Spicy garlic shrimp and batter squid cook in just 5 minutes. A great option if guests are already on the doorstep.


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Cabbage rolls, stuffed peppers and dumplings are frequent guests on the festive table. In the articles, you will find useful tips that will make these familiar dishes even tastier.

If you’re looking for something new, check out our article on recipes for unusual stuffed peppers, tomatoes, or courgettes. There are not only meat fillings, but also all kinds of mushroom, fish and vegetable fillings.

And if you make a minced meat casserole, you don’t even have to worry about a side dish. For example, in the 4th recipe, minced meat is combined with potatoes and mushrooms, and in the 9th recipe, the meat is hidden under a layer of mashed potatoes.


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Perhaps not a single festive table is complete without potatoes. If you are already fed up with mashed potatoes, bake the vegetable with meat, mushrooms, lemon or parmesan.

The 6th and 9th recipes in this article tell you how to stuff potatoes with meat, vegetables and cheese, and the 4th recipe for this one tells you how to stuff a vegetable with eggs and bacon. These dishes will definitely not be ignored.

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Vegetarians will love the bright and beautiful vegetable cabbage rolls with feta, fragrant shepherd’s pie with lentils, vegetables and mushrooms, baked eggplants with tomatoes and zucchini with sour cream and herbs. And here there are interesting options for side dishes.

What desserts to cook for the New Year

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Both children and adults will be delighted with the beautiful and delicious New Year’s cookies. Decorate ginger, sugar, chocolate, and other treats with icing and confectionery sprinkles to keep them clean until morning.

If you also want to entertain your guests, make fortune cookies for the coming year. And the edible gingerbread house will definitely become a table decoration and the main object of a New Year’s photo shoot. Honestly, such beauty is a pity.

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At the end of this article, you’ll find recipes for brownie and coconut Christmas tree cookies, as well as a fragrant birthday wreath cupcake.

If themed desserts are not to your taste, prepare airy tiramisu, the most delicate cheesecake, Italian panna cotta or your favorite potato cake. Those who do not want to mess around in the kitchen for a long time before the holiday can make sour cream, napoleon or other cakes without baking.

Cookie cakes also do not require much effort. Moreover, the dessert with kiwi and grapes from the 3rd recipe will look very beautiful on the table.

What to drink for the New Year

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If simple alcoholic drinks for the New Year are boring and ordinary for you, prepare cocktails with them – classics or favorites of famous writers.

Sour daiquiri and classic mojito can be made with rum. Whiskey makes a refreshing julep and hot toddy. With vodka – apple martini and Bloody Mary. And champagne can be served in the form of jelly.

For non-drinkers, there are also original drinks. There are recipes for delicious grapefruit frutocino, cranberry punch and Blue Lagoon, here are some more famous cocktails without alcohol, and with the help of this article you will make delicious mulled wine.

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