What is it and why: 12 unusual products from AliExpress

– 1 –

Taking a look at this photo, do not rush to share the link to the “cool whisk for whipping” with friends who are fond of baking. However, in a sense, you will be right: the device still belongs to kitchen utensils. If you believe the description, it can be used to quickly chop nuts. And positive reviews confirm the effectiveness of the accessory.

Price: 457 rubles.


– 2 –

At first glance, it might seem like a fancy designer bracelet, but it’s actually not meant to be used to decorate the wrist. The device will help to pump up the muscles of the palm and fingers, and it is recommended to use it for people whose activities are related to small work with their hands. By the way, if you work with the simulator for a long time, you can save on buying the previous lot – you can chop nuts with your bare hands.

Price: 1 rubles.


– 3 –

Another thing that could pass for an original piece of jewelry, but of course it is not. Everything is much nicer. This is a tiny swing for hamsters and guinea pigs, made, by the way, from natural bamboo.

Price: 290 rubles.


– 4 –

In the image of shiny rings, the popular elastic hair ties are almost unmistakably guessed, but most likely it will not work to create a beautiful hairstyle with their help. But it will be possible to relieve tension and fatigue, as well as improve blood circulation in the fingers. The seller promises exactly this effect from the use of massagers acting on acupressure points.

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Price: 131 rubles.


– 5 –

If you have not encountered something like this before, then it is almost impossible to guess what this small plastic triangle is for. And it is needed to pierce the air chamber in the eggs. After such a procedure, the shell will not crack when boiled, and the hard-boiled yolk will not acquire an unpleasant greenish tint.

In addition, the piercer is useful for parents of preschoolers: by piercing an egg from both sides, you can easily get rid of the contents, getting an empty shell for kindergarten crafts.

Price: 180 rubles.


– 6 –

No, this is not an updated version of the buzzing toy. Although the principle of operation and design are very reminiscent of a device made of buttons and rope, which Soviet children made for fun. The product of modern Chinese industry will also bring a sea of ​​positive emotions when surprised guests praise the boiled “golden” eggs served for dinner. After all, you will cook them with the help of a “twist”, mixing the yolk and white in a few seconds and without damaging the shell.

Price: 494 rubles.


– 7 –

Even twirling in your hands, smelling and tasting these strange blue gizmos on your teeth, you will not be able to guess their purpose. Meanwhile, with their help, you can acquire a neat goatee beard, giving the facial hair the desired shape. Using the trimming template is a snap – just choose the right size from the kit, attach it to your chin and walk along the contour with a trimmer or razor.

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Price: 294 rubles.


– 8 –

The fact that you have glasses in front of you is not difficult to guess, but why they have such an unusual shape is a million dollar question. More precisely, 99 euros. That is how much the original travel sickness accessory, released in 2018 by the specialists of the French automobile company Citroën, cost. A Chinese copy will also help to cope with the symptoms of seasickness and will cost several times less.

Price: 1 rubles.


– 9 –

This formidable plastic weapon was created not for children’s games, but for a real hunt for flying insects. A fly swatter pistol does not require any special skills to use – with just a little practice, you will quickly get rid of annoying mosquitoes and flies. And when it gets bored and you want to have fun with shooting at marksmanship again, just leave the window open for an hour or two.

Price: from 223 rubles.


– 10 –

Of course, you can use this thing as a decorative flower vase, but its true purpose is to “relax the psychological catharsis.” To put it simply, this is an antistress vessel, into which you can shout when everything is enough. According to the seller’s assurances, no one will hear your cry of despair, so you can keep the vase in the office desk drawer and use it after your morning planning meeting.

Price: 1 rubles.


– 11 –

We hasten to upset those who decided that the photo shows a toy toilet for a dollhouse. This is a holder for racing pigeons. Whether it can be used for other birds remains a mystery. Although for the owners of parrots, this accessory would certainly be useful, for example, for fixing a feathered friend during a visit to the veterinarian.

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Price: 255 rubles.


– 12 –

Protective masks are one of the symbols of 2020. And therefore, this is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at a lot. This is partly true, and partly literally. The filter mask is fixed to the nose to prevent inhalation of dust and possibly viruses. One of the main advantages of such an accessory over traditional masks is a snug fit to the face. True, for complete safety, you will have to find a similar protective device for the mouth.

Price: 950 rubles.


Note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the collection. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

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