What app widgets might look like in iOS 8 (photo + video)

With the release of iOS 7, built-in app icons are slightly more interactive than they used to be. So, for example, Ive “started” the clock and it began to show real time. But designer Jay Mesheleni went further with an amazing concept of functional icons.

Apple very often borrows ideas from other people and companies, perfecting them and implementing them in iOS. Mesheleni followed the same path. But if in iOS 7 employees of the “fruit” corporation only transformed the interface, making it flatter, then Jay expanded the functionality. As the designer admits, he drew ideas from Google and Microsoft operating systems.

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Someone likes Android widgets, someone likes Windows tiles, but the hybrid of these features looks just beyond fantasy. As the creator of the concept explains, “you can interact with blocks directly from the home screen.” It is really very convenient.

Instead of redesigning the entire interface from scratch, Mesheleni simply reorganized it a bit, making it much more convenient. This design evolution is very much like Apple’s style. It will be funny if it turns out that this is a leak from iOS 8, disguised as a common concept. If not, the company would be worth hiring such a talented guy.

In addition to the visible functions, the designer has provided an additional zone, swiping through which new control points pop up. To expand the application in full screen, just touch the lower left corner.

“This is a really big step towards iOS development. Such solutions can make the operating system more attractive than Apple’s existing offerings. Why open the application again when everything can be made easier? “

The designer introduced improved information blocks for both iPhone and iPad. They take up a space equal to about 2×2 icons. On the tablet in a horizontal position, of course, a little more.

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Despite his amazing work, Jay Mesheleni has not yet completed his own vision of the iOS interface.

Well, if Apple does not present something like that on Monday, let the community try to implement the Jailbreak as a tweak.

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