Bosch kitchen machine

The 59343 W Bosch MUM1 kitchen machine with planetary mixing system will help you cope with even difficult culinary tasks. It has seven levels of speed regulation, as well as a pulse mode. In case of overheating, the device turns off automatically.

Includes silicone-coated whisk, height-adjustable volumetric whisk, dough hook, 1,25-disc universal cutter, 3,9 l plastic blender, citrus press, XNUMX l plastic bowl, storage bag for accessories and a transparent lid with a loading opening.

Price: 38 990 → 35 020 rubles.


Steam generator Tefal

Steam generator with boiler Tefal Pro Express Ultimate GV9590E0 maintains pressure up to 6,9 bar. The volume of the water tank is 1,6 liters. The control panel on the iron handle allows you to quickly switch modes when ironing different types of fabrics.

The device is equipped with a system of protection against scale and dirt. It can deliver continuous steam up to 160 g / min and deliver a powerful steam boost of 600 g / min. The device can also be used in vertical steaming mode.

Price: 37 999 → 32 999 rubles.


Dyson hair dryer

The hair dryer with an unusual design is equipped with a motor that operates at a frequency inaudible to humans. When you turn it on, your ears pick up only the noise of the air flow. To maintain the set temperature, the hair dryer takes dozens of measurements per second and adjusts the operation of the thermoelement.

The device supports three fan speeds and four temperature settings for gentle or intensive drying. The hair dryer motor is installed in the handle to reduce hand fatigue during use. Includes nozzles to create directional flow and a diffuser for contoured curls and curls.

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Price: 34 990 → 31 990 rubles.


Epson Printer

Epson L810 inkjet photo printer with built-in ink tanks instead of cartridges. Allows you to print color photos without connecting to a PC via a card reader and USB-input. With a 6,9 cm touchscreen control panel, you can not only adjust print settings, but also edit images.

Six containers of cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta, and black ink are sufficient for 1 800 × 10 cm color photographs. The printer can print at resolutions up to 15 × 5 dpi. The speed of black and white printing reaches 760 pages per minute, and a color photo of 1 × 440 cm, the printer is able to produce in 38 seconds.

Price: 32 → 990 rubles.


Coffee machine Krups

Krups Essential EA8107 coffee machine with built-in grinder, boiler and pressing system. The device can prepare lungo, americano, espresso, latte, ristretto and other drinks. You can make a thick froth with the built-in milk frother. The metal cone grinder supports three grind levels.

The coffee machine can operate according to a set schedule and turn itself off after use. There are automatic programs for rinsing and descaling. The adjustable coffee nozzle allows you to use both low and tall glasses and cups.

Price: 37 488 → 26 499 rubles.


Earnshaw watches

Earnshaw Longitude self-winding mechanical watch with leather strap and skeletonized dial. There is a day and night indicator at 12 o’clock. Also on the dial, you can follow the additional time zone. Arrows and marks are covered with a luminescent layer. The watch case is made of polished stainless steel with IP-coating.

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Price: 28 990 → 10 140 rubles.


ASUS Gaming Headphones

ASUS ROG Centurion 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset with Backlit Lighting and Folding Mic. The headphones are equipped with five drivers for the most accurate positioning of sounds in space. The microphone uses the noise canceling function to improve voice transmission.

The included USB dock is an external sound card with support for multiple tuning profiles and a quality amplifier. You can connect not only headphones to it, but also an external audio system. Also included are two pairs of leather-covered cups of different sizes.

Price: 16 870 → 15 999 rubles.


Circular saw DeWALT

DeWALT DCS570NT circular saw with brushless motor for cross cutting or ripping. Suitable for working with wood, chipboard, plywood, OSB, MDF, non-ferrous metals, plastic and other materials.

The cutting angle – from 0 ° to 57 ° – can be set using a clamp and graduated scale. The saw blade is covered with a cover for safe storage and transport. You can connect a vacuum cleaner to the saw to keep it clean.

Price: 15 450 → 12 990 rubles.


Philips alarm clock

The Philips Wake-up Light Alarm Clock HF3520 / 70 simulates sunrise and sunset to help you wake up and fall asleep more naturally. In dawn mode, the lamp gradually increases brightness for 30 minutes and turns into a yellow tint of daylight.

At the time set by the user, the sound of nature is activated, helping to wake up completely. You can choose between birdsong, forest sounds, a Zen garden, or an FM radio station. The volume gradually increases over the course of one and a half minutes. When imitating a sunset, the opposite process takes place: the light gradually fades out along with the fading sound background.

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Price: 9 990 → 8 990 rubles.


Hair curler Philips

The Philips BHB876 / 00 quick curl curler features two auto-rotating safety lobes. The device supports 27 combinations of settings – for the most suitable image, you can combine the modes of temperature, time and direction.

Hair safety is ensured with ceramic coating and keratin spraying. The clever shape prevents burns: only the part where styling takes place heats up.

Price: 9 990 → 8 890 rubles.


Xiaomi Deli drawing kit

The set of art supplies includes 30 colored oil pencils, 12 watercolors, 12 tubes of gouache, 24 water markers, 18 oil crayons, a sketchbook (A4 size), a sharpener, an eraser, two brushes and two black slate pencils of different hardness. The entire set fits in a wooden case with a handle for storage and carrying.

Price: 9 → 504 rubles.


Фигурка Transformers Generations

Plastic figurine of the Omega Supreme transformer of the titan class from the “War for Cybertron” trilogy. It transforms into a command center with a tank, missile, control tower and defense perimeter in 37 steps. The height of the product is approximately 61 cm. The set also includes a micromaster figurine, additional accessories and instructions.

Price: 16 099 → 8 080 rubles.


Note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the material. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

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