We are looking for a replacement for Ubuntu One. 7 alternatives

Upset with the news of the shutdown of Ubuntu One? We have prepared a comparative overview of 7 alternatives for you.

Canonical closes the Ubuntu One service and asks to move its files somewhere by July 1. Otherwise, you will lose them. But people used this service. Some kept documents, some kept images for their websites.

Those who have not used this service may not even have heard of this news. And for everyone else, we’ve prepared a comparison chart of Ubuntu One competitors so you can choose where to run with your files. Let’s try to look at cloud services through the eyes of an Ubuntu user.

NamePlaceInstall from USC *CustomersPrice for + 100GB
dropbox2GB+Linux, Win, Mac, iOS, Android, WinPhone$ 10 / month
Yandex.Disk10GB+Linux, Win, Mac, iOS, Android, WinPhone~ $ 4,5 / month
Google Drive5GBLinux**, Win, Mac, iOS, Android, WinPhone**$ 2 / month
Cloud.Mail.ru100GBLinux, Win, Mac, iOS, Android, WinPhone?
SpiderOak2GBLinux, Win, Mac, iOS, Android$ 10 / month
Copy15GBLinux, Win, Mac, iOS, Android, WinPhone, Raspberry Pimin 250GB for $ 9,99 / month


* —USC — Ubuntu Software Center

** – Unofficial client

Disadvantages of services

dropbox: does not distinguish between case in file names and low sync speed

Yandex.Disk: no file version control

Google Drive: there is no official client and they have been promising for a very long time. Slow sync speed

Cloud.Mai.ru: very poor quality customer

SpiderOak: very slow sync speed

Copy: lack of a Russian-language interface

And given that this article was written for Ubuntu users, it is impossible not to specify the option “My server”. You can set up your VPS, for example, on DigitalOcean, and install ownCloud on it. The obvious disadvantage of this option is that you have to pay at least $ 5 / month. On the other hand, you can make the most secure server. Clients for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

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For those who have stored images for their blogs and sites on Ubuntu One, I advise you not to use cloud services for this. Occupied space (which is not rubber), you cannot touch these files, transfer the folder, etc. Therefore, it is better to use targeted services for this. Personally, I use Yandex.Photos and am extremely satisfied. Although I do not like Yandex and most of their products.

Write in the comments your opinion about the services and possible alternatives to Ubuntu One.


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