UGEARS Designer Review: Wooden Truck That Runs Without Batteries

FunPortal has already talked about UGEARS. These are cool mechanical 3D wood puzzles. When it comes to such things, words are nothing. It is much more interesting to see the constructor live. Today we will share our impressions of the new product – the UGM-11 truck. By the way, at the end of the article you will find a promotional code for a 15% discount.

How UGEARS differs from other constructors

Firstly, UGEARS models are made of wood. Remember the construction sets you played with as a child: most likely, they were sets of metal or plastic elements. Here, the parts are made of high quality plywood. As a result, the assembled model looks much prettier than a craft made of plastic blocks.

Secondly, you don’t need any special tools for assembly. Of the additional materials, only toothpicks, bank rubber bands and a candle for lubricating moving parts are useful. Even no glue is needed.

Thirdly, all UGEARS constructors are mechanical. The safe opens, the timer counts down, the locomotive, tram and truck drive back and forth. Batteries? No, we can do without them. Gears and levers are responsible for the movement here.

Finally, the UGEARS models are simply beautiful. The emphasis here is on the grace and complexity of the mechanisms. Add to this the texture of untreated wood – pure delight is obtained. Connoisseurs of steampunk aesthetics will be in ecstasy at all.

Features of the device and assembly

The UGM-11 truck was added to the UGEARS range in mid-October. Every detail has been reproduced with the utmost precision, right down to the layout of the engine, suspension and gearbox. Not bad for a wooden typewriter, right?

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The truck consists of 420 parts and will take 10 to 12 hours to assemble. The set includes 8 sheets with parts, toothpicks and rubber bands: they will come in handy for assembly.

By the way, appreciate the concern for customers. If suddenly the toothpicks or rubber bands from the kit are lost, nothing bad will happen. Just use yours.

Is it all difficult to collect? If you carefully study the instructions, no problems will arise. It describes each step of the assembly in detail, so just follow the directions.

There are small parts in the set, so it is better not to give it to small children. The manufacturer recommends that children under the age of 14 assemble a constructor under the supervision of their parents. Older citizens can do this on their own.

As a result, from a pile of details, toothpicks and rubber bands, a truck is obtained that is capable of speeds up to 1,8 km / h. But what is there, the doors and the hood open for him, when you press the gas pedal, the engine speed changes, even the steering wheel rotates. The motor is driven in two ways: with a key or a kickstarter. Fiction, honestly.

UGM-11 is an extremely versatile model: the truck can turn into a fire engine and a tanker truck. To do this, you need to purchase additional items. If the basic configuration does not suit you, you have a wide scope for creativity.

Such models have one significant drawback: you have assembled a typewriter, well, where to put it then? It’s a shame to see how the result of many hours of work just gathers dust on the shelf. This will definitely not happen with the UGEARS truck. The basic package also includes a stand for business cards. A worthy decoration for the desktop, which cannot be said about ordinary business card holders.

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The bottom line is obvious: UGEARS is at its best, as always. Excellent quality and stunning design in its complexity and beauty are combined with the utmost ease of assembly. Such a designer is an extremely versatile gift that is guaranteed to delight any man, at least 15 years old, at least 55 years old.

To get a 15% discount, enter the promo code SOBERIS when purchased from an authorized UGEARS distributor. The promo code is also activated when you click on the links that are presented in the article. Its validity period is unlimited.

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