The strangest products we found on AliExpress in 2020


An original T-shirt with a print of a hairy male chest and an unsuccessful “T-shirt” tan. From the back, everything is also pretty realistic. Available in six sizes.

Price: 742 rubles.


Acne squeezer

A very unusual antistress toy that simulates squeezing pimples on the face and other parts of the body. As you can see from the photo, everything looks pretty realistic. Before enjoying this guilty pleasure, you need to slightly warm up the palm oil from the kit and pour it into the holes with a pipette.

Price: 897 rubles.


Ventuz ‑ sticker

Wonderful, according to the seller, a device for cleaning the toilet, allowing you to clear the blockage without even getting your hands dirty. First, wipe the bezel dry and stick the film tightly, making a kind of drum. Then drain the water and press firmly on the resulting structure from above. Well, then it all depends on your luck.

Price: 124 rubles.


Bottle with smartphone case

Well, or a case with a bottle. In general, a container for water and drinks with a built-in compartment for the phone. It is not clear why such a symbiosis might be needed, but as it is. Full tightness is declared, allowing the bottle to be immersed in water. And thanks to the transparent walls, you can view notifications on the screen. What is there! There is even a hole for the headphone cord in the bottom cover.

Price: 653 rubles.


Plush Napkin Butt

A cute napkin holder in the shape of a toy with lowered panties – the designer showed remarkable creativity. The holder is put on a box with paper handkerchiefs, which are then taken out of the priests in the literal sense of the word.

Price: from 526 rubles.


Slimming machine

No, this ring is not used to measure portions of spaghetti. It should be inserted into the mouth and blow it as hard as possible. Yes Yes! The slimming effect is tied to breathing exercises, during which the abdominal muscles are strained and thus stimulated. In addition to the press, the simulator strengthens the lungs and facial muscles. Well, logical.

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Price: 56 rubles.


Swing for smartphone

Yes, the only function of this accessory is to shake and rock your smartphone. But this is not done for idle entertainment! In this way, you can cheat indicators in fitness applications and games that use motion tracking and counting the number of steps. So that’s it!

Price: 721 rubles.


Finger mask

Goggles-mask in the form of female hands covering the eyes. You can wear this only for a party or carnival – this funny accessory will surely appeal to fans of extravagant things. In addition to the realistic flesh color with red nails, there are also gold and silver versions.

Price: 385 rubles.



Shoes with a pointed toe, a heel of an unusual shape, ties and … fur trim on the front. Available in sizes 35 to 40.

The idea of ​​this strange model was borrowed from the collection of the American designer of Nepalese origin, Prabal Gurung. The Chinese interpretation was appreciated by seven buyers, one of them even left a positive review.

Price: 5 472 rubles.


Curtains ‑ lavash

It is possible to refresh the familiar interior without large-scale repairs. It is enough just to update the textiles – for example, to hang these curtains with a print in the form of lavash instead of boring curtains. If this option is not to your taste, there are others to choose from – with scrambled eggs and pizza.

Price: from 1 153 rubles.


Egg separator

Even experienced chefs do not always succeed in separating the white from the yolk perfectly. But not with a mug with the face of a sad grandfather with a cold. You break an egg into it, the protein flows out through the nostrils, and the yolk remains inside. It all looks not very appetizing, but it is convenient to use such a tool.

Price: 1 rubles.


Knee highs with chicken paws

They look extremely impressive and can become a bright accent in a home look. However, no one forbids going out in such golf and on the street – so that everyone around is admired and envied. There are shorter and more authentic models available – 30 and 40 cm, respectively. Separately, we note the rich assortment of prints: you can choose knee-highs with a pattern in the form of cat and bear paws or pork legs.

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Price: from 133 rubles.


Foam suit

“It’s hard to disagree with the fact that the costume is truly full of grandeur and honor,” writes one of the buyers. A set of trousers, a jacket and a tie really looks very solid – you can both go out and go to a family Sunday lunch in this. And at any holiday in such vestments, you will definitely find yourself in the center of attention. The composition is upsetting: pure synthetics, but for the sake of a memorable image you can put up with it.

Price: 2 rubles.


Turkey hat

The seller writes that this hat is a cool and unusual accessory for holiday dinners or costume parties. In the latter case, the logic can be understood, but with lunch – somehow it is not very good. But be that as it may, with a roasted turkey on your head, you will definitely not go unnoticed.

Price: 147 rubles.


Straw constructor

In the coming year, just drinking from a glass is no longer fashionable. Be in trend and collect a special straw from the constructor so that people around you will understand that you know how to live with taste.

Price: 231 rubles.


Fins for hands

Hand fins are not a new invention. But the model in the form of membranes is already more interesting. In these, you can not only swim faster, but also look like the superhero Aquaman. Or as the Frog Princess – how lucky you are.

Price: from 89 rubles.


Pet wig

Do you think that your dog does not have such a thick head of hair as we would like, and it is high time for the cat to change his hairstyle? The wig will do the trick. A bob of brown hair will frame your pet’s face and make it the most stylish in the block. The seller assures that false hair is ideal for daily wear, and 18 people decided to personally verify this.

Price: 580 rubles.



A stable large heel, ankle straps, genuine leather, three available colors of the product and a wide range of sizes – everything is good in these shoes. If not for the “but” in the form of socks-hooves. A design move or an original way to shock others – what prompted 14 people to buy, will remain a mystery to us.

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Price: 4 rubles.



Amazing nothing in the shape of a ball, candy or heart – customers have a huge choice. This is probably the perfect gift for those who have everything. And judging by the number of orders – there are as many as 3 – there are a lot of such people.

Price: 162 rubles.



Perhaps hunters need plastic pigeons for some reason. Although, when asked about the product, buyers answer that they use these birds simply to decorate the interior. Quite a specific choice, but who are we to condemn these connoisseurs of beauty. Pigeons are sold in a set of three – enough for all rooms.

Price: 709 rubles.



It is difficult to imagine a person who might need such a turtleneck with fake tattoos of a certain theme. But there are still such: the product has 19 orders and 13 positive reviews. It’s funny that most of them are from buyers from Russia: the meaning of the thing is clearly incomprehensible to residents of other countries.

Price: 1 483 rubles.


TV cover

If you hang expensive plasma at home, then only for the sake of such a cape. Graceful patterns, fluffy tassels, metal finish of the material – everything that is included in the concept of “expensive-rich” is collected here.

Price: from 1 857 rubles.



Actually, why not? When the drink is on the stand, two free hands will fit more food than one.

Price: 641 rubles.



It would seem, what does John Travolta have to do with Nicolas Cage on the T-shirt? But this is also the trick: the print refers to the film “Faceless”. Therefore, wearing this T-shirt, you will be known as a connoisseur of good cinema. Either you become a walking meme, which is also good.

Price: from 429 rubles.


Eyelash highlight

The beauty accessory is fixed along the lash line, the power supply is hidden under the hair – and now you shine and catch the eyes of others. Flashing blue, green, red, white, orange and pink backlights are available to order.

Price: 307 rubles.


Please note: prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

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