The most interesting and useful things we found on AliExpress in 2020

Xiaomi Sneakers

Signature Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4 sneakers with Uni-Molding technology soles to prevent sticking. The antibacterial insole reduces the chances of odors, so the sneaker is perfect for both everyday wear and sports. Sold in three colors: blue, black and gray.

Price: from 2 982 rubles.


Game console

Game console with two gamepads and 620 built-in 8-bit games: Super Mario, Counter strike, tanks and many others. With such a little thing, the New Year holidays will pass unnoticed. As a bonus – expedited delivery to the door.

Price: 1 503 rubles.


Wooden shelf

The foldable shelf is suitable for storing shoes in the hallway, arranging a winter garden in an apartment, as a stand for books and any other items. When folded, it takes up a minimum of space. Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5 levels.

Price: from 1 543 rubles.


Wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard with 104 keys stably keeps connection with gadgets up to 10 meters away. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. You can connect multiple devices to the keyboard at the same time and switch between them by pressing one button.

Price: 4 952 rubles.


IP camera

Waterproof IP camera for outdoor installation. Records clear videos in Full ‑ HD ‑ resolution, is equipped with an IR sensor for detailed shooting in the dark, Wi ‑ Fi module, a rotary mechanism and two-way audio communication so you can talk to the newcomer. When motion is detected, it emits a loud beep and sends a notification to the Mi Home app. There is fast and free delivery from Russia.

Price: from 4 132 rubles.


Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The miniature set-top box in the form of a flash drive runs on Android TV 9.0, connects to a TV via HDMI and allows you to run applications and games even on old TVs. Inside the device is a quad-core processor, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. The set includes a convenient Bluetooth remote control with a microphone for calling the Google voice assistant.

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Price: 2 rubles.



The automatic umbrella is equipped with a strong steel frame, which is not afraid of even strong gusts of wind. A cool and useful addition is a strip of reflective material around the edge of the dome. The seller has both regular umbrellas and models with a flashlight built into the handle. There is a delivery from the Russian Federation.

Price: from 2 530 rubles.


Quartz lamp

The disinfectant lamp works from a 220 V network, purifies the air, fights against unpleasant odors and eliminates germs. Available in two sizes: 23,5 cm and 31 cm. The seller claims that it is sufficient to use the lamp one to three times a week for 30-60 minutes.

Price: from 620 rubles.


Reusable mask

Reusable face shield with two filters included. The seller offers both plain classic models and options with various fun prints. The rubber bands are adjustable with clamps.

Price: from 273 rubles.


Leap Motion Controller

The sensor for PCs and laptops allows you to control devices using hand movements without touching the screen: gestures are read by the controller and transmitted as commands to the computer. Allows you to interact with more than 140 applications. Compatible with Windows and macOS.

Price: 9 rubles.


Maps of cities

Black and white paintings with maps of different cities: Tokyo, Paris, London and others – only 24 options. If you don’t like any of them, order a map of your city – this option is also available. The seller offers the product in eight sizes, there are no frames in the kit.

Price: from 516 rubles.


Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards 3–3,5 cm thick are useful for cutting food and serving dishes. Round and rectangular models are available to order, as well as products with beveled corners.

Price: from 3 976 rubles.



Self-adhesive mirror film is suitable for windows and doors and protects the inhabitants of the house from the views of overly curious neighbors and the scorching sun. Sold in a roll of 50 × 100 cm.

Price: 272 rubles.


Fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 5

Fitness tracker with 1,1-inch screen, heart rate monitor, 11 sport modes and activity analysis function. In addition, there is a function of remote control of the smartphone camera and control of the menstrual cycle. But the main feature is magnetic charging: the capsule no longer needs to be removed from the strap to recharge.

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Price: from 2 416 rubles.


Kitchen goods

The seller offers a lot of products that will simplify the work in the kitchen: silicone funnels, ladles, skimmers, stands for lids and kitchen utensils, containers with brushes for oil and other useful tools.

Price: from 109 rubles.


Orico External SSD

There is a USB-C port on one end of the hard drive, the second is made in the form of a ring for attaching to keys or a backpack. Depending on the model, there is a 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or 1TB NVMe SSD inside.

The manufacturer claims read and write speeds of 940 MB / s – customer tests confirm this. A 1 GB file is copied in just 1 second. The drive is compatible with computers and mobile devices running Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. A USB ‑ C or USB ‑ C to USB ‑ A cable is used for connection. Both versions are included in the delivery.

Price: from 3 599 rubles.



A device in the form of a box with a lid is designed to disinfect various items: headphones, makeup brushes, keys, pens, watches or smartphones. It is powered by a USB-cable, which is included, control is carried out using a single button located at the end. A wireless charging module is built into the disinfector cover. As a bonus – expedited delivery.

Price: 1 rubles.


Sound amplifier

The digital audio amplifier is equipped with USB and AUX connectors for wired connection of gadgets. In addition, there is a built-in Bluetooth-module and a slot for a TF-memory card. The device is controlled by a mechanical button located on the front panel. A nice addition is expedited delivery.

Price: 1 rubles.


Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 200 ml container. Water from it evenly flows onto a special sponge, which wipes the floor while the robot is moving. In addition, there is a visual navigation system and 15 sensors that allow you to build an accurate map of the room and avoid all obstacles. A Japanese NIDEC brushless motor is installed inside the device. The gadget supports voice and remote control, and thanks to its low body, it washes the floor even under furniture.

Price: 16 rubles.


Shower head

Lightweight watering can with 300 fine holes sprays water and creates a tropical rain effect. The product has almost 20 thousand orders and 12 thousand reviews.

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Price: 257 rubles.



Warm gloves made of waterproof and non-slip material. The fingers have a special coating, thanks to which you can work with touch screens. Available in five colors and sizes from S to XL.

Price: 338 rubles.


Adhesive tape

A thick transparent tape with a width of 1 to 10 cm and a length of 3 to 10 m is useful for gluing the joints between the hob and the countertop, the bathroom and the wall and other places where water, crumbs and other small debris can get into.

Price: from 130 rubles.


Tube holder

The practical stand solves the problem of storing toothpaste, speeds up its application, and also allows you to squeeze out the contents of the tube to the last drop. You just need to put a key on it, make a couple of turns and install it in the base.

Price: from 116 rubles.


Xiaomi manicure set

The set includes scissors, a file, clippers with straight and beveled edges, and a reusable ear cleaning stick. All items are collected in a sturdy case with a magnetized backing, thanks to which the tools are securely held in place. The lid is equipped with a magnetic fastener and does not open even when shaken.

Price: 732 rubles.


Folding brackets

Mounts for shelves and small tables to save space by folding furniture when not in use. The brackets are screwed to the wall, and tabletops made of wood, chipboard and other materials are already attached to them. Shelf width – from 195 to 335 mm. The set includes two pieces, delivery from a warehouse in Russia is possible.

Price: from 694 rubles.


Suspended shelf

A metal shelf with a wardrobe attachment will add useful storage space to your kitchen, bathroom or walk-in closet. The seller offers models in black and white with and without additional hooks at the bottom.

Price: from 548 rubles.



A raincoat with a hood, drawstrings and generous patch pockets keeps the weather out and looks stylish. Sold in sizes L to XXL.

Price: from 421 rubles.


Note! All prices are valid at the time of publication of the collection. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

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