The most essential extensions for Google Chrome according to FunPortal

Checker Plus for Gmail™

All productivity tutorials advise you to spend as little time as possible on email. The Checker Plus for Gmail extension will help you make this tip a reality. With it, you can instantly learn about the arrival of new letters, delete them or view them directly from the extension window. As a result, without ever opening the main interface of Gmail, at the end of the working day you will have an empty inbox.

Alternatives: Gmail™ Notifier, Google Mail-Checker.


Google Chrome is a great, fast browser, but the way downloads are handled is disgusting. The Downloads extension solves this problem by adding a download bar similar to Firefox and Opera in Chrome. A small pop-up window allows you to conveniently view current tasks, delete or open files, and even restart downloads.

Alternative: Chrono Download Manager.

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LastPass: Free Password Manager

Extension for the most popular and convenient password manager. Anyone who has tried LastPass will never be able to unsubscribe from its services. It securely stores all your online passwords and substitutes them when you enter the desired sites, so you only have to remember one single master password. Very comfortably.

Alternatives: 1Password, Enpass Password Manager.

Modern New Tab Page

There are many extensions for the Chrome browser that change the look and feel of the new tab. But we opted for Modern New Tab Page because of its nice appearance and good functionality. The extension looks especially natural if you are using a modern version of Windows with its tiled interface.

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Alternatives: Cardboard, Prioritab.

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If you have an Android or iOS device, be sure to try the Pushbullet extension in action. With it, you can send links, texts and files to your mobile device in one click, send and read SMS, organize a chat with friends and much more.

Alternatives: MightyText, Pushline.

Save to Pocket

Judging by the numbers on the Pocket buttons displayed on our website, the service is very popular among FunPortal’s readers. And this is not accidental, because Pocket is the most convenient way to save a page for later leisurely reading. However, not all sites have buttons like ours. In this case, the proprietary extension that sends the pages you like to Pocket comes in handy.

Alternatives: Readability, Instapaper.


There are thousands of different extensions for Google Chrome, so it’s not surprising if several dozen of them are installed in your browser at once. However, too many extensions slow down the browser, so we recommend installing SimpleExtManager. With it, you can turn on only those extensions on the fly that you need at the moment.

Alternative: Context.

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uBlock Origin

Ad blockers have always been the most requested extensions in the Google Chrome Store. Of course, we could not pass over this category in silence. uBlock Origin appeared relatively recently, but thanks to modest system requirements and excellent work, it was quickly able to push aside the adblocks of the past.

Alternatives: Adblock Plus, Adguard ad blocker.


Today it is very difficult without knowledge of a foreign language. Especially on the Internet, where the most important and interesting information appears most often on English-language resources. The XTranslate extension will help you out by providing a convenient way to instantly translate incomprehensible words, sentences and entire pages. It is enough just to select the text with the mouse, and a prompt with a translation from Google, Yandex or Bing will appear.

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Alternative: “Yandex Elements: Translation”.

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Contextual search

By default, Chrome has a contextual search option, but it only allows you to search using Google. With this extension you can add any search engines to the context menu. It is necessary to spend quite a bit of time once, but then in one click you can find any pictures, films, music, books and so on.

Alternatives: Context Menu Search, Advanced Context Menu Search.

What extensions would you add to this list?

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