The most complete overview of the new features of Android N

As we already wrote, Google quite unexpectedly made available a developer version of Android N. Although the final release should take place only this summer, everyone can download and try a pre-build right now. Well, for those users whose gadgets are not included in the list of supported ones, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a full overview of the new features of the new Google operating system.

New notification system

Android N’s notification interaction system has received a number of improvements and a new API that will allow developers to make their app’s notifications more interactive. Now it will be possible to reply to messages, view letters and perform other actions directly from the notification curtain.

Multi-window mode

Rumors that Google are working on the ability to display windows on the screen of several applications at once have been circulating for a long time. And in Android N, these rumors became reality. Now you can split the screen into two parts and work with your application in each of them. Of course, this opportunity will most of all please the owners of gadgets with large enough screens.

New quick settings panel

In Android N, the quick settings panel has been improved. It now includes an additional menu with the most essential options. Thus, the user has the opportunity to even faster access to switching the wireless interface, activating the geolocation system, flashlight and other frequently used functions. The composition of this menu can be easily changed.

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Traffic saver

Data Saver is a new feature in Android N that will come in handy for people using mobile plans with limited traffic. We are not talking about data compression or blocking access for individual applications. Enabling Data Saver simply changes the rules for working with the network, making programs less likely to ask for new data.

Night mode

The new version of Android has a special night mode that can be activated automatically or on a schedule. It includes a dark theme for the system interface, special settings for the color tone of the screen (red filter) and dimming. Lovers of night reading will be pleased.

Enhanced Power Saving Mode

The introduction of the Doze feature in the previous version of Android promised a significant reduction in battery consumption. However, the reality was not so rosy. Therefore, in Android N, a lot of work has been done to bring this feature to perfection. In particular, Doze will now be automatically activated not only when the gadget lies motionless for a while, but immediately after the screen is turned off. According to the developers, this can give an additional gain in the time of using the smartphone.

New interface for recent apps menu

In addition to global enhancements and new features, Android N contains a large number of subtle but pleasant user interface changes. Take a look, for example, at the new card sizes in the recent apps menu (Android 6.0 on the left, Android N on the right). They’re bigger, more user-friendly, and provide a better overview of their content.

Built-in number blocker

Android N makes blocking unwanted numbers significantly more efficient thanks to the fact that Google has provided support for this feature at the system level. Now the list of blocked contacts will be stored directly in the system, and third-party applications will be able to access it and synchronize their data.

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Easy switching between apps

Android N has slightly changed the function of switching between recent apps. You should now be able to do this using the Browse button as shown in this video. Double clicking on this button will simply switch you to the previous program, and holding it down will cause a loop through all running applications. Very convenient for one-handed operation.

Calibrating color balance

Different phones can be equipped with screens with completely different characteristics, due to which they display the picture in completely different ways. Android N introduces the ability to adjust color balance and optimize the display of content on the screen.

New ART compilation engine

If you have previously upgraded your system or installed a new ROM, then of course you are familiar with the lengthy process of optimizing installed applications. Android N includes an improved version of the ART runtime that makes this action much faster. This innovation also affects the speed of installing new programs.

So how do you like the changelog? Did you find anything in it that makes it worth waiting for Android N?

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