The coolest finds on AliExpress are cheaper than 300 rubles

Perpetual USB cable

Thanks to its durable braid, this cable is unlikely to fray or break. But if this happens, then you can fix it yourself. To do this, you need to remove the connector, cut off the damaged section of the wire and connect the remaining part with the previously removed plug. Cable length – 1,5 m. Models with microUSB, Type-C and Lightning interfaces are available to order.

Price: 252 rubles.


Car Charger

The cigarette lighter adapter is equipped with two USB ports for connecting gadgets, is equipped with a backlight and supports fast charging with a power of up to 30 watts. The device is made of fire-resistant plastic and has a European quality certificate.

Price: 295 rubles.


Strap for Xiaomi Mi Band

The bracelet is made of nylon and is fastened with Velcro, the capsule is securely fixed in a frame made of dense material. You can choose from 20 colors of the product for Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Thanks to the adjustable size, the strap will fit any hand of any size.

Price: from 98 rubles.


Silicone lids

The set contains six reusable silicone lids with a diameter of 6,5 to 19 cm. They are suitable for food containers, pots, pans and more. Food packed in this way will stay fresh longer and retain its taste and smell.

Price: from 231 rubles.


Adhesive tape

The thick transparent tape is sold in three sizes: 3 cm × 3 m, 3 cm × 5 m and 5 cm × 3 m.It is useful for gluing the joints between the hob and the worktop, bathroom and wall and other places where water, crumbs can get into and other small debris.

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Price: from 182 rubles.


Cabinet light

Small lamps are installed in the door hinges and turn on automatically when the leaves are opened. With the help of such a solution, it will be possible to highlight the dark shelves of the cabinets and find the necessary things much faster. The device requires 12 volt / 23 ampere batteries, they are included in the kit.

Price: 73 rubles.



The hooks can be attached to any flat surface thanks to the adhesive back wall and can withstand loads of up to 2 kg. The design is fully movable, the position of the hooks can be changed by rotating them 180 °.

Price: 100 rubles.


Potato brush

This multifunctional device includes a ton of pieces needed to prepare potatoes. On one side there is a brush for removing soil from the tubers, on the other – a sharp blade for peeling the peel. In addition, there is a special knife for removing the eyes.

Price: 151 rubles.


Package Sealer

Simple and compact device for quick sealing of bags with nuts, coffee, biscuits and other products. Power is supplied from two finger-type batteries, which you will have to buy yourself.

Price: 124 rubles.



If you still have a lot of cables with microUSB plugs, and there are more gadgets with a Type-C connector, then you cannot do without this little adapter. Conveniently, there is a special mount, thanks to which it can be hung on keys like a keychain.

Price: 55 rubles.



An incredibly useful thing these days. A toucher is an unpretentious accessory for “contactless” pushing buttons in an elevator, opening doors and performing other daily activities. Thanks to him, you do not have to touch different surfaces with your hands. Just remember to regularly disinfect the device itself.

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Price: from 95 rubles.


3 in 1 cable

One accessory contains wires with Lightning, microUSB and Type ‑ C plugs. A useful bonus is a strong fabric braid, which will prevent cables from quickly deteriorating in places of frequent bends.

Price: 236 rubles.



Due to the inclined design with a spout through which the liquid flows, water will not linger in this soap dish. The accessory can be placed on a flat surface or fixed to the wall using double-sided adhesive tape on the back.

Price: 154 rubles.


Fixing tapes

The set includes four tapes: two of them are long, with a hard Velcro, the other two are short with a soft sticky layer for velor surfaces. They will be useful for putting things in order in the trunk of a car and will help to fix a fire extinguisher and other items.

Price: 88 rubles.


Sticky roller

The roller with a sticky coating is in a case with a lid, so you can always carry it with you and not be afraid that it will become unusable ahead of time. Another huge plus is that it is reusable: after use, rinse the device with water, and it will be ready for use again.

Price: 102 rubles.


Metal grip

With such a little thing, you no longer have to say goodbye to metal objects that have fallen into hard-to-reach spaces. The grip is made in the form of a handle that extends 50 cm forward. There is a magnet at the end of the structure. Judging by the reviews, it is quite powerful: buyers write that it lifts even large scissors.

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Price: 105 rubles.


Shoe eraser

The eraser removes dirt and dust from shoes and restores a fresh look to glazed areas – in a word, gives any sneakers and boots a second life. There are two types: white eraser is suitable for leather shoes, pink – for suede.

Price: 141 rubles.


Tiered hanger

Five additional hangers can be added to one hanger and the entire structure can be positioned vertically to save space in the closet. With such a simple but useful device, you will not only fit everything you need, but also free up space for future purchases.

The hanger can also be used as a separator: on one to collect all the jeans, on the second – the shirts, and the third to take under the house clothes.

Price: 151 rubles.


Spoon stand

The stand for spoons, ladles and shovels is made of dense silicone, which is easy to clean and does not break from one careless movement. With such a thing it is convenient to keep kitchen utensils next to the food being prepared and at the same time keep the table clean.

Price: from 112 rubles.



Precision screwdriver with a set of 24 replacement bits for repairing gadgets, watches, glasses and other items with small parts. The set includes six types of heads: cruciform, straight, Torx, Y-shaped, triangular and pentalobe (“chamomile”). All items are stored in a case with a convenient clasp.

Price: 283 rubles.


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