The artist redraws photos of cats that have become memes. Here are 20 of his works

Indonesian artist with nickname on Instagram @tactooncat illustrates funny pictures of cats that went viral on the web. You’ve probably seen many of these shots on social media. Here are 20 of his works – scroll through the carousel to see the original photo.

1. Watermelon guard.

2. Caught.

3. He carried a pumpkin somewhere.

4. Seals are also afraid of injections.

5. Observation in ambush.

6. The cat hints that it’s time to clean up.

7. It seemed.

8. Someone does not like to wash.

9. In the sense of a fine?

10. Have you seen my socks?

11. Pupae love cats too.

12. Dominate and rule!

13. Download, come on, what are you worth.

14. Bath procedures.

15. I see the target, I crawl towards it.

16. And what? I’m a mother too.

17. Did the lizard run here?

18. Wow, I’ll ask him!

19. How to carry it all away?

20. This city needs a new hero!

More photos and sketches are on the artist’s Instagram.

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