Steve Jobs: “You have to be able to say no”

Steve Jobs, the face of Apple and undoubtedly the icon of the global computer industry, has left this world. But, as in each of the cases when it comes to great people who left their mark on history, many of his statements, appeals and appeals to the public have already become aphorisms. They inspire new generations of engineers, developers and managers. One of these noteworthy phrases sounded from the lips of Jobs back in 1997, when Steve just returned to the post of head of Apple.

That period was not easy for the “apple” company, and Jobs had a difficult job – to restore, revive the enterprise he had once created. In his speech at the WWDC ’97 Developer Conference, he admitted that the firm needs to be rescued. In cooperation with the most talented engineers and, despite the fact that they developed a lot of interesting ideas and directions, the company lacked focus, and the crisis was due to weak management.

It is in the focus, according to Jobs, that to a large extent the success of any business, including Apple, lies. The trick, as Apple CEO argued at the time, is the ability to say no. Among the mass of interesting ideas, you need to find the best, among the many projects to discern the most promising, and give all your strength, all your attention to them. It is impossible to grasp the immensity, all plans will not be realized, and in any case, you will have to be from something. It is this focus that leads to success.

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In fact, thanks to Jobs’ faith in Apple, a focus on the best ideas and a special philosophy of the company, it thrives today.

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