Sortd turns regular email messages into tasks

Advanced Gmail users are accustomed to using tags as their primary means of sorting emails in their inbox. However, such a system is merciless to beginners, since it is actually not easy to completely customize it for yourself. A much more trivial and no less convenient way out of the situation is offered by the developers of Sortd, an extension for Google Chrome that turns a regular Gmail inbox into a task manager.

Creating a list and working with emails in Sortd is as easy as shelling pears. We come up with a name for it and just drag the incoming message there. For example, if you plan to reply later, move it to the To Do category. If you want to create a selection of books, films or TV series that are sent to you or you are recording for yourself, then simply give the new column an ​​appropriate name and gradually fill it. Mail messages turn into tasks, and your mailbox becomes a task manager. The presence of color badges, the ability to group several messages into one task and add notes add additional variety to the process of organizing letters.

You can think of a lot of applications for the extension capabilities, but first of all, you should appreciate the convenience of Sortd in your daily work for yourself. The extension is still in beta testing, so you will be prompted to provide your details and wait for the developer’s decision. However, there is also a faster way to access the utility. Enter MAKEUSEOF in the Invite Code line, and the download link will be delivered to your mail within a few minutes.

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FunPortal’s editors have already come up with an excellent scheme for using Sortd, which, in addition to conveniently sorting letters in your mailbox, will help you become more productive.

So, first create a tab Todaу… Every morning, read your inbox and add messages that need your attention during the day.

Create a tab Later… Opposite in its content, it will store all letters that require attention to themselves for several days. And when the deadline for completing the task comes, transfer the message to the Today section.

To Do will be a place for tasks that you can complete at any time when you have free time.

Nothing motivates better than having a section Finished… Move all completed tasks there and track your achievements daily.

Sortd – a useful extension for those whose work is almost entirely tied to the mail. It helps to optimize, properly assign tasks and prioritize.

Unfortunately, for all its advantages, Sortd has some drawbacks. There are frankly not enough reminders here, the extension does not work with multiple Google accounts, and this can be critical for power users of Gmail.


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