Shutter: Take screenshots quickly and easily in Ubuntu

When I was using Windows, I used the Scissors tool a lot. Then I switched to Ubuntu and needed a similar program. After a short search, I chose Shutter. As it turned out, I found a much more efficient harvester than I wanted. Today I will introduce you to this wonderful program.


What Shatter can do:

  1. Screenshots of the selected part of the screen
  2. Screenshots of the whole screen
  3. Screenshots of sites, even if they don’t fit on the screen.
  4. Image editing
  5. Sending images to photo hosting

Program installation

The program is available through the Ubuntu Software Center. But, unfortunately, not the latest version is available there. At the moment the latter is 0.90.1, while USC only has 0.89. The latest version of the program can be downloaded, for example, from the official website.

Setting up the program

For comfortable work with the program, you should set it up right away for yourself. To do this, go to Edit → Preferences, and there, in the tabs, set the parameters you need. For example, I set the png image format (optimal for the web), automatic saving and expansion to 1366 for taking screenshots of the site. If you are not satisfied with the English language of the program, you can russify it (Help → Translate this Application).

The interface of the program

  1. Screenshot of the selected area of ​​the screen
  2. Full screen screenshot
  3. Screenshot of one of the screens or all at once (if you are using multiple screens / desktops in Ubuntu)
  4. Screenshot of the window (selection of the desired window after clicking)
  5. Screenshot of the selected window (from the list)
  6. Screenshot of only part of the window
  7. Screenshot of a part of the menu of a program
  8. Capture menu / program tips
  9. Screenshot of websites
  10. Choosing the maximum time to complete a screenshot of sites
  11. Editing your screenshot
  12. Sending to photo hosting or FTP server
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Photo editing capabilities

  • Hiding classified information
  • Highlighting the desired elements
  • Adding text, arrows, rectangles, etc.
  • Image cropping
  • Adding numbered pointers (like in my screenshot)


I have described far from all the possibilities of this multifunctional combine. With each new version, the developers add new features and fix old bugs. I would be glad to receive your comments and additions. Successful work with the program. Enjoy it!

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