Samsung to box Galaxy S21 TWS earbuds

At the end of October, rumors emerged that Samsung, following Apple, would remove the charger and headphones from the set of the new flagships, the Galaxy S21. If you believe more recent data, then the usual AKG wired headphones will really disappear from the box, but not for the good of the environment, but in order to give way to the completely wireless Galaxy Buds Beyond. Writes about this SamMobile.

This headphone model is the successor to the Galaxy Buds Plus. Samsung is already registering Beyond as a new trademark, which means that the accessory will definitely enter the market. If it really comes as a bundled bonus, then most likely it will be possible to buy it separately.

Sources point out that Samsung has not yet made a final decision on the Galaxy S21 package. But if the rumor about the headphones turns out to be true, this will be a kind of knight’s move – a response to Apple’s decision to remove the usual accessories from the iPhone 12 box. Buyers of Samsung flagships will surely appreciate such a nice bonus. What do you think?

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