Samsung has introduced the Galaxy SmartTag

In addition to the new Galaxy S21 smartphones and Galaxy Buds headphones, Samsung has introduced several more accessories. One of them is the Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth beacon, with which you can always know where things are important to you. It has a miniature plastic case measuring 4 x 4 cm and about a centimeter thick.


The location of the beacon (and, accordingly, of your things) can be determined from the phone. If the link is broken due to a long distance, the last point from which the signal was received is displayed. The device works the other way too: by pressing a button on the Galaxy SmartTag, you trigger a beep on your smartphone, which allows you to quickly find it.


Samsung also notes that you can hang such a beacon on your pet’s collar if you are afraid that he might run out into the street and get lost. They are also great for bicycles and scooters. Advanced searches are performed over the network from all Galaxy devices, and the data is encrypted to protect users.


The SmartTag is powered by a tablet battery and, given that it uses Bluetooth LE with low energy consumption, you will not have to change them more often than every six months. These beacons are only compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 8.0 and higher.

Galaxy SmartTag will go on sale on February 5 at a price of 2 rubles in black and gray-beige colors. Later this year, a more powerful version of the Galaxy SmartTag + with UWB support and the ability to search for things in augmented reality will be released, its cost has not yet been disclosed.

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