REVIEW: Amazfit – a refined Mi Band for the weaker sex

Most recently, we reviewed an updated version of the popular fitness tracker from Xiaomi. But this is far from the only gadget of this kind in the assortment of the Chinese giant. Remember last year we wrote about Amazfit? An amazingly beautiful device finally fell into our hands, and today we will tell you more about it.

Unlike many other devices announced by Xiaomi, this gadget has not received proprietary packaging and Mi prefixes. Probably due to a slightly different positioning: Amazfit is a premium product. Therefore, everything related to the device being monitored today bears its name, and not the name of the manufacturer. And this is not surprising. Only a few have heard about Huami in Russia. Although it was she who developed the popular Xiaomi fitness trackers and scales, a microchip pedometer for Li-Ning sneakers (also included in the Mi collection) and many other smart accessories that have not yet appeared on the Russian market.

Packaging and appearance

Amazfit is very different from other Xiaomi products. This can be seen already from the packaging of the tracker – a bright black case, hinting that this is a premium device. Inside is a convenient tray with a bagel tracker made of zirconium oxide. A wireless charger is also hidden there.

The ceramic body (yes, zirconium oxide is a ceramic used to make dentures and the inner surfaces of jet aircraft and space rockets nozzles) is visually and tactilely seamless, although in reality it is prefabricated. There are no connectors, because an induction charger is used for charging, and Bluetooth is used for synchronization.

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There are two color options for Amazfit: Moon Beam (often referred to as Moon Frost) with a milky white body and gold clasp, and a black Equator. There are also two variants of the bracelet: a regular beige leatherette strap and a polyurethane Equator strap that runs along the diameter of the ring with electronics. The first option is suitable exclusively for women, but the second is unisex.

The mount that holds the main part consists of two rings, closed with a latch. The design resembles the clasps of jewelry bracelets. Accidental discoveries while walking are excluded, but with unsuccessful contact with some objects, everything is possible.

Ease of use

Both the tracker itself and the entire system with the strap are very light: the whole weighs only 15 grams. Due to this, the device does not interfere and is practically not felt on the hand. The leather substitute wears surprisingly well. The Amazfit case is made according to the IP68 standard, so you can wash your hands in the bracelet and even take a shower. True, the latter will very quickly disable the leather strap, you will need an Equator.

The autonomy of the device is not comparable to the autonomy of the Mi Band, but there is no need for daily charging. There is a 15 mAh battery inside the case, which is enough for a week of full-fledged work (according to the passport – up to 10 days). A full charge from the included charger will take just over an hour.


In this regard, Amazfit is similar to the Mi Band of the first version. The functions here are basic for any fitness tracker:

  1. Activity monitoring: steps, calories, distance traveled, separate running mode and route tracking when interacting with the smartphone’s GPS sensor.
  2. Sleep monitoring.
  3. Smart alarm clock.
  4. Incoming call notifications.
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The ability to control home appliances using a special protocol is also announced. Unfortunately, due to the lack of devices supporting any specific control methods, it was not possible to verify this statement.

Synchronization and app

Amazfit requires a smartphone with Android operating system (above 4.2). The description states that it is possible to work with iOS (above 7), however, it was not possible to find the corresponding application. A prerequisite is Bluetooth 4.0.

The data collected by the bracelet is synchronized with the proprietary Amazfit app, which can be installed using the QR code from the instructions. (An app from the Google store turned out to be completely inappropriate.) The link will take you to a Chinese site where you can download the APK file.

The app is only available in Chinese or English. However, the interface is intuitive, and the small number of device functions will not allow you to get confused in the icons. In addition, by default, the application is launched in English.

The logic of work is similar to Mi Fit, so even with an early version of the application in Chinese it is quite possible to cope (English will need to be set manually). The latest version of the application immediately activates the English menu, offers to log in via Facebook and specify biometric data: height, weight, gender, age. By the way, you can immediately set up synchronization with Apple Health (if, of course, the device allows it).

The main screen displays daily achievements and an activity stream. With the help of a couple of taps, you can see statistics on achieving goals (how many days in a row you did what you need), the average number of steps per day and the total sleep time. You can also set up alarms. There is a running mode for training. It compiles the traversed route taking into account the time and distance.

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Upsetting notifications: by default, only one option is available – vibration alerts. At the same time, it works exclusively for incoming calls.


Of course, Amazfit is very beautiful. The device looks catchy, interesting and, unlike competitors, can act as a fashion accessory with an additional set of functions. Unfortunately, this is its main drawback: the design increases the cost of the device and takes Amazfit into a different price category. At the time of publication, the cheapest Moon Beam option – no fiddling with Taobao – cost $ 60. The sportier Equator sold for $ 80.

If you need functionality at a minimal price, choose the more affordable Mi Band and its counterparts. But as a gift, perhaps, it is worth considering Amazfit: girls will definitely like it.

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