But I wonder when you have to change the place of service: well, is there a hairdresser or a car service, or a partner of some kind, what are you inclined to talk about the previous place, a car wash or a master? You say that it was bad there, that is why I came to you? Or do you praise them, him and her? And what do you think is more profitable to do?

It seems to me that it is always more profitable to praise. Say you can’t go there anymore for a good reason, but be sure to state that they have been the best in your life so far. It stimulates the newcomer. Will make him mobilize, so as not to hit the dirt with his face / muzzle in the salad. And if we say that they were not good for you, so why should this newcomer bother? He knows he’s good. So, doing everything normally, he will be better than the previous bad ones.

So praise your ex, praise in front of new ones, this can slightly spur, and not only by comparison, but also by the very fact that you are saying good things about their colleagues. Even if they don’t admit it, they’ll think you are complimenting them too. And you will knock them in front of your friends, a cat or TV.

But the service is it.

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