Plex – watching any video from your computer on Android

There are several applications with which you can stream videos from your computer to your Android device. It is very important that the application quickly and efficiently converts the video file for broadcasting and viewing on a mobile device immediately before streaming, and the Plex Android application does an excellent job with this task.

Plex streams videos to Android over WiFi and 3G. Conversion takes place on the fly, so the format of the original file does not matter. All video processing work falls on the desktop application. Basically, the mobile app just receives a stream from your home server. In addition, Plex allows you to watch videos from partners and multiple channels, which are accessible from the application interface. The intuitiveness and simplicity of the interface definitely pleases, although you will have to figure out a little about the server side.

In general, the installation and configuration process looks like this:

  1. A media server is installed on the computer (Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems are supported).
  2. A mobile application is installed on Android (there is also a version for iOS, and WP7 support is expected soon).
  3. A myPlex account is created, with which authorization takes place in the system, after which you can watch any media file located on your computer.

The need to install a server and create an account is explained by the fact that this is the best way to provide a reliable way of communication between a computer and a mobile device.

Now about the prices: the server application is free and available for download here. But the mobile application will cost $ 5, which is not very encouraging.

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Download the Plex mobile app for Android.

Download Plex Media Server.

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