OPPO showed a foldable smartphone the size of a credit card

OPPO has yet to announce its foldable smartphone, but it seems to be actively working in this direction. So far, the company has not demonstrated a product ready for mass production, but has shown a concept for an unusual model of this type. The concept smartphone folds in two places at once and when folded easily fits in the palm of your hand.

OPPO, Nendo

The device has no name and was created in collaboration with the Japanese design studio Nendo. When fully folded, it is about the size of a very thick credit card and has a 1,5-inch display – enough for time and notifications.

OPPO, Nendo

The middle shape offers a 3,15-inch screen, which OPPO claims is enough to quickly take a couple of photos and play casual on the subway. When fully unfolded, the user will have access to a 7-inch display with minimal bezels. It is very tall and is unlikely to be comfortable in everyday life, but in landscape orientation it can be a convenient device for multitasking.

OPPO, Nendo

The kit comes with a stylus, which is hidden in the body of the smartphone. On the outside there is a triple camera with LED flash – but since this is only a concept and the presentation was focused on design, the specifications were not specified. Also, don’t expect this device to be on sale anytime soon.

Earlier, the same company showed off another unusual concept: the stretchable OPPO X 2021 smartphone.

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