New launcher for Android that programmers will love

There is an opinion that programmers are modern wizards. They communicate in their own language, know spells and can do incredible things with them on the command line. Linux CLI Launcher is made just for them.

The main element of the Linux CLI Launcher is the command line. It is necessary to enter various commands into it to launch programs, send SMS, search for the desired contact and perform other normal actions.

No wallpapers, icons or widgets. Only a black screen and a severely blinking command line cursor.

In addition to full support for native Android and Linux commands, the application also has a set of its own commands that help you quickly perform the most necessary operations. Here are some examples:

  • uninstall [app];
  • sms [contact] [text];
  • call [contact];
  • calc [expression];
  • search [google, playstore, youtube, files];
  • Wifi;
  • flash;
  • share [file];
  • mv / cp [file] [dest].

It may seem to some that this launcher is too ascetic. Others will say that it is too long and inconvenient to type commands.

But I immediately warned that the Linux CLI Launcher is not for everyone. For programmers only, for wizards only.

appbox fallback

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