New details about “iPhone Lite”

Photos of the plastic back panels of the alleged budget iPhone have appeared on the Internet – and they are all multi-colored, in contrast to the standard black and white colors of the current models.

Photos shared by show yellow, green and red back panels. These panels feature the ‘iPhone’ lettering, the Apple logo, and openings for the camera lens, LED flash and microphone.

Judging by the photos, these details (besides the fact that they are made of plastic in new bright colors) suggest that the phone will be similar in form factor to the current model, the iPhone 5, including the screen stretched in height. Such assumptions are in line with rumors about the screen size of the so-called “iPhone Lite” – 4 inches, like the iPhone 5.

The photos also confirm the design information provided by the AppleInsider website – there were published “leaked” diagrams of what the design of the budget iPhone will be. It is expected that the device will have more rounded corners, and the gadget itself will be slightly thicker than its “apple” counterpart iPhone 5.

It is worth noting that the colors in the photos echo the colors of Apple’s players. The red and yellow colors in the photo correspond to the colors of modern iPod touch, however, at the moment Apple does not offer a model in green. But the green iPod nano and iPod shuffle are still there.

In May, there were rumors that the inexpensive iPhone would delight the eye in gold, orange, navy blue, white and gray.

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Do you like multicolored iPhones? Or black and white classics are closer to you?

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