Netflix to release BRZRKR movie and anime starring Keanu Reeves

The BRZRKR comic series, created and written by Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt, will receive a feature film and anime adaptation. Both projects will be released by Netflix. Writes about this Variety.

The comic is about an immortal demigod warrior known as “B”. After 80 years of life on Earth, he makes a deal with the American government, which promises him to reveal his true origins. In exchange for this, “B” undertakes to perform the most dangerous work for the country, which no one can cope with except him.

BOOM! Studios

The first issue of the 12-issue limited series of BRZRKR comics was released in March 2021. The timing of the release of the television adaptation has not yet been specified, but it is known that first a full-length film will be released, in which, of course, Keanu Reeves will play the main role. An anime series will follow, expanding the BRZRKR universe and exploring various elements of the story. Reeves will also voice his character.

Now Keanu is preparing to shoot the fourth part of “John Wick”, and more recently he was working on “Matrix 4”, which is scheduled for release on December 22, 2021.

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