NetAngels – the cloud hosting that will take it all


In short, the essence of cloud VDS is this: to ensure the normal operation of the site, the capacities of not one, but several servers located on the cloud platform are used. This is its main advantage, providing unprecedented flexibility. If the load increases, additional power comes into play; when the flow of visitors decreases, they can be turned off. In short, you yourself manage the available resources, not limited to those that are due to you by default. If a DDoS attack starts, connect the Anti-DDoS service in the control panel – that’s it, the enemy won’t get through. In such conditions, it is almost impossible to disrupt the site’s performance.


You interact with the hosting through a convenient control panel, where you can create, reboot and shutdown your virtual machines, change the list of available IP addresses and select the required operating system, manage your disks and connect them to virtual machines. Here you select the required tariff and switch from it to another, if necessary. Everything is extremely simple and straightforward. Let everyone do what they can, and the hardware will be serviced by professionals.

Acceptable cost

Nobody likes to pay for “air”. NetAngels understands this very well, and therefore the final cost is based only on the volume of the resources you ordered. How many services you have connected, so much you pay. Calculations are made once an hour, so even the most powerful server will be quite affordable. If you need more options, you add the necessary options in the control panel yourself. No overpayments and incomprehensible markups, everything is extremely transparent.

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