NatureSoundsFor.Me: Musical Entourage for Work and Leisure

On the pages of we have already talked about the Aura program, designed to play relaxing sounds of nature (forest, stream, waterfall, thunder, and much more). If you are interested in improving your sleep / work productivity or masking disturbing noises, but do not want to download or install a program weighing 25-57 MB (this is how much Aura weighs), then it’s time to use a web service called Natural Sound Player ( The Sound Waves of Nature).

Having visited the main page of NatureSoundsFor.Me, a Russian-speaking user will feel joy and gratitude – Latvian developers have included Russian in one of the three interface languages ​​(which did not prevent the names of sounds from remaining in English). The developers report that their creation is suitable for those who want to plunge into the process of reading, meditation, or to create a good mood. To launch the sounds of nature, we have at our disposal drop-down menus with pleasant noises of the surrounding nature, the sounds of birds singing and the life of other animals.

To play a sound, select a category of up to four sounds from each category, assign the volume of each of the components and get down to productive work. If the composition is to your liking, then feel free to press the “Export to file” button – now the pacifying melody will be available wherever you are, even in the absence of the Internet. From my Beach + Seagulls combination, a 10MB WAV file is one minute long.

You can not only save your relaxation composition, but also put it on public display, as well as present it to a friend’s judgment – we come up with a name, enter a mailbox address and keywords. On a separate page of your composition, statistics on the number of listeners for the last 10 days will be shown.

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“Russian” version of the interface NatureSoundsForMe

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