Minimalistic Dark Room Text Editor

This program is a complete analogue of the charismatic text editor for MacOX called WriteRoom. How would you describe its interface? No way, because there is simply no interface – this is the most minimalistic text editor I’ve ever seen.

Left – Dark Room, right – WriteRoom: find two differences. The program has nothing in the arsenal of tools, except for keyboard control:

# File Menu

    * Clear Document: Ctrl+N

    * Open Document: Ctrl+O

    * Save Document: Ctrl+S

    * Quit: Ctrl+Q

# Edit Menu

    * Undo: Ctrl+Z

    * Redo: Ctrl+Y

    * Cut: Ctrl+X

    * Copy: Ctrl+C

    * Paste: Ctrl+V

    * Select All: Ctrl+A

    * Find: Ctrl+F

    * Find Next: F3

    * Preferences: Ctrl+,

# View Menu

    * Statistics: Ctrl+/

    * Toggle Fullscreen: F11 or Esc

Aesthetes, minimalists and advanced journalists often use this editor, because while working with it, nothing distracts: there is only you and the letters on the screen.

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