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Smoothie with tangerines, banana and mango

A refreshing milky-fruity drink is the perfect start or end to your day.

Pie with tangerines. The most fragrant winter baked goods

Delicate moist dough with an amazing aroma of tangerine zest and fruit covered with honey-citrus glaze. This pastry will win you over from the first bite.

Tangerine jam. Wonderful winter preparation

Serve fragrant citrus jam for tea, use for filling pies and other pastries, sandwich cakes with them, or add to porridge.

Mandarin Chia Pudding

A light but hearty dessert with an amazing citrus aroma. Be sure to add it to your menu!

Macaroons with tangerines

Crispy and ruddy biscuits in combination with fruits are even tastier and more aromatic.

Mandarin Kurdish

This delicate citrus cream is perfect for a layer of sponge cakes, and can also be served with pancakes, cheesecakes, waffles and toasts.

Cheesecakes with tangerines for the perfect breakfast

With the addition of juicy pieces of fruit, ordinary cheesecakes are even tastier and more aromatic.

Sweet omelet with tangerines and nuts

Ideal for breakfast or snack. Whipped fried eggs go well with walnuts, chocolate and juicy fruits.

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Mandarin muffins. Perfect winter baked goods

Delightfully soft, airy dessert with aromatic citrus zest and fruit pieces.

Tangerines in syrup

The citrus slices are sweet and delicious. They can be served with tea, ice cream or pastries.

New Year’s tangerine cupcakes

Indulge yourself and prepare these fragrant citrus baked goods for the holidays under a cap of delicate buttercream.

Cocktail with tangerines, mint and bourbon

Incredible, refreshing and at the same time warm aroma of citrus, mint and honey. Try it!

Tangerines in chocolate. The easiest New Year’s dessert

Fruits in chocolate glaze will decorate the festive table and go well with a glass of champagne.

Sandwiches with red fish and tangerines

The original combination of delicate cheese, aromatic fish and sweet and sour fruit will not leave anyone indifferent.

Chicken and tangerine salad

Juicy fruit goes well with boiled fillet, and eggs, mushrooms and cheese make the taste of the salad even brighter.



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