It is necessary to take: IR-transmitter for a smartphone

Thanks to a tiny device, forever lost remote controls will no longer be inconvenient. The infrared transmitter connects to your smartphone via the charging port and allows you to control your TV, air conditioner, TV box and other household appliances. Signal range – 10 m.

Image: AliExpress / FunPortal

Synchronization of devices with a smartphone takes place in a special application. So, in the reviews, buyers recommend using the ZaZa Remote, available for Android and iOS.

Externally, the transmitter resembles a small USB flash drive in a metal case. The set comes with a silicone case, with which the device can be hung on a ring with keys. Models for Lightning, microUSB and Type C connectors are available to order.

Price: from 751 rubles.


Please note: all prices are valid at the time of publication of the article. Stores can update the cost of goods throughout the day.

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