IPad users prefer to use their tablet in landscape mode and surf the Web at night

Just the other day, a new study was released on how consumers use their tablets, in particular the iPad. The analysis revealed several interesting features and trends among users of Apple products. For example, it turned out that Apple tablet users prefer to use their devices in landscape mode. But that’s not all that the new study is interesting for. What else did these data show?

The first edition of OnSwipe’s monthly report showed that nearly 60% of iPad users prefer to use their tablets in landscape orientation. The company obtained this data based on 127 million users who use the company’s publishing platform.

iPad remains the dominant platform among tablet users analyzed by OnSwipe, with 94,1% of web traffic coming from Apple’s tablet. In second place is the Amazon Kindle Fire with 4,1%. The rest of the tablets have the remaining 1,8%, which is even less than the statistical error.

The data also shows that iPhone and iPhone users prefer to use their devices at 10 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Traffic from mobile devices is gradually increasing throughout the day and will peak at 10 p.m.

iPad users also study the content of web pages much more than iPhone users. Research shows that iPad users view 223% more web pages per visit than iPhone users.

Onswipe also analyzed social media activity of iPad users. It turned out that the owners of apple tablets prefer to use traditional email instead of social networks – there were 54,8% of them. Facebook is used by 28,9% of users, Twitter and Pinterest – 13,3% and 3%, respectively.

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The data from this study reaffirms the high status of the iPad as the device that generates the most traffic on the web, including web browsing, email use, and social media. No other device even came close to matching the iPad’s results. This once again shows how successful the iPad is.


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