In Pocket for Android and iOS, you can now follow the reading lists of interesting people

Earlier, Pocket’s recommendations were based on an analysis of the articles you save. The service automatically selected similar publications and showed them to you in a separate tab. The disadvantage of this feature was that users could only indirectly influence its operation. Now, in the Pocket mobile apps for Android and iOS, you can subscribe to the feed of your friends or just interesting people, which should make Pocket recommendations more relevant.

After launching the new version of Pocket, you will see a pop-up asking you to add your friends to your list of interests. This can be done by specifying the necessary people in the contact list, as well as from among your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The program will then analyze the reading lists of the people you added and extract from them articles that match your interests. They will appear in your recommended publications tab.

In addition, now you get the opportunity to share interesting materials with your friends. If you’ve seen something that you think might be of interest to other people, you can click on the new heart button on the Pocket toolbar and recommend this article to your friends.

The features described above are already available in the new versions of the Pocket app for Android and iOS. Similar features are expected to appear in the web application shortly.

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