Huawei may launch its own game console to compete with PlayStation and Xbox

The Huawei Central portal, citing sources from China, reports that Huawei has developed a whole series of gaming laptops and a full-fledged gaming console. The latter is credited with similarities to the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, with which it will compete.

Laptops will be presented at first, and the console will be released much later, since the development of such a device takes much more time. Details about the platform and characteristics of such an unusual novelty have not yet been reported, but it can be assumed that Huawei will try to enter the market for Windows-compatible products. This option of partnering with Microsoft would provide the console with a huge database of games available.

It is unlikely that Huawei will develop its independent gaming platform from scratch. Even given the vast capabilities of the Chinese corporation, such a scenario seems unlikely. The manufacturer himself has not yet commented on these rumors in any way, but I want to believe that they are true. A new player in the market and increased competition will clearly benefit the entire industry.


It is worth noting that Huawei has minimal experience in the release of game consoles – in 2014, the company released the Huawei Tron, which runs on Android. This new product had a very compact body and was equipped with a powerful NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor with 2 GB of RAM. The console was inexpensive, but it never became popular.

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