How to use Google Translate in any app

A handy trick for instant messengers and social networks, especially if you often communicate with foreigners or read the foreign press.

To translate text on your smartphone, you can open Google Translate and paste the copied fragment there. It is not difficult, but completely inconvenient if you are constantly translating something. To simplify this operation, the application has a special option “Fast translation” or Tap to Translate.

How to find and use “Fast translation”:

  • You can find this option through the Google Translate side menu in the settings section.
  • Activate it and confirm the ability to output over other applications.
  • Minimize Google Translate and you will see a floating application icon that you can drag and drop.
  • Next, open any application from which you usually translate text.
  • Select the desired fragment by pressing and copy it.
  • Click on the floating Google Translate icon – a small window will open where your text has already been translated.
  • By clicking on the “Add translation” button, you can quickly type your text, which also needs to be translated, and then quickly copy it.

“Fast Translation” constantly works with text from the clipboard. The option will be most useful when communicating in instant messengers with friends or colleagues who speak other languages. Here’s a visual video from Google that shows how convenient it is.

Introducing Tap to Translate

If the floating translator icon distracts you or you just don’t need it, you can hide it. To do this, drag it and drag it to the cross icon at the bottom of the screen. It can also be done from the Android curtain. In the same place, Google Translate can be stopped by completely closing the application.

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