How to use Google services to access prohibited sites

Despite the fact that the Internet is theoretically completely free and devoid of any restrictions, we here and there bump into both small hedges and whole stone fences. Either a strict administrator will close for access the sites “harmful” in his opinion, then a certain state organization will take control of public morality, and sometimes entire countries carefully protect their citizens with a site-tight firewall.

But there is no hedge over which one cannot jump, and there is no wall under which one cannot make a tunnel. There would be a desire. To do this, you can use VPN, proxy anonymizers, special services and programs that are perfectly described in this article. But there is an even easier way. We will use the capabilities of Google itself for this purpose.

When you access any page using one of the following Google services, the content of that page is first downloaded to Google’s servers and then sent to you. So if you have access to Google, then you will be able to view any site on the web.

1. Google Translate

To use Google Translate as a proxy, set the translation direction so that the source language is any, and the target language matches the language of the page. If you need to read the site in Russian, then Google Translate must be configured, for example, to translate from English into Russian. Then click on the button Transfer.

You can also use this service without visiting the Google Translate page. To do this, simply enter the following into the address bar of your browser:  

2. Google Mobilizer

The next way is to use Google’s service to generate a mobile version of any website. You just enter the address of the page you are interested in in a special form, click Start and get its contents in a purified and lightweight form.

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You can also use this trick by entering the following address in your browser:

3. Google Modules

Nowadays, few people remember and use the personalized iGoogle homepage. Google Modules is a hosting service for the gadgets used for this service. But besides this, it allows you to use itself as a convenient proxy to open any sites. Please note that this is the only method presented in this review that allows you to not only browse the web, but also download files such as PDF documents, MP3 music, and so on. To use this service, enter in the address bar:

4. Google cache (Chrome only)

And finally, the easiest way that may be useful to users of the Google Chrome browser. It is enough to enter the word in the address bar in front of the browser address cache: and you will see the last saved copy of the page you were looking for from the repository of the search service. Yes, this method is not very suitable for fast-refreshing pages, but otherwise it can help you out.

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