How to use Google Keep to its fullest

At the time of its appearance, Google Keep impressed everyone with its simplicity and a small number of functions. However, the developers did not sit idly by and, over time, equipped this note-book with such a set of features that many users did not even dream of. Do you know them all? Let’s check.

Color-code your notes

The ability to assign different colors to notes may seem like just a minor treat for aesthetes. However, in experienced hands, this feature can be a powerful productivity tool.

Simply mark your notes in different colors according to their theme, and you can literally find the right ones at a glance. For example, assign work notes green, personal ones yellow, and those that are about to expire red. After that, apply color filtering in Google Keep, and you will only have the records you need at the moment.

Add time and area reminders

Why do we create notes? Of course, in order not to forget about some important information or event. But what if we just forget about the notes we made?

In this case, the Google Keep reminder function tied to the time of day or your location will come to the rescue. She will remind you to water the flowers exactly two days later, and will suggest that you look into your shopping list exactly when you are in the store.

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Organize your notes with tags

Most notes allow you to assign tags. Google Keep is no exception, only this element has been called labels here. You can add shortcuts while writing a note. Just enter the hash symbol (#) and a list of the shortcuts you have will appear immediately. Choose the one you want from this list, or keep typing, and then the next word will become a new shortcut for this note.

Dictate notes on the go

If you are not very comfortable typing using the keyboard, then Google Keep allows you to simply dictate a note. Google’s voice input function is beyond praise, so the output is almost always excellent. This is the fastest way to take notes and is great for recording your thoughts and impressions on the go.

Add scanned texts

Sometimes we need to add text to notes that already exists in some form in the real world. It could be a page from a book, a schedule on the door of an office, or a funny advertising slogan on the street. You can add pictures to Google Keep, and the application is able to recognize the text contained on them. Just tap on the picture and then choose the Recognize Text command from the menu.

Share notes with colleagues and family

Google Keep doesn’t have too many collaboration tools, but the essentials are there. You can share the selected post with the right people, and they will be able to view and edit its content. A fantastically handy feature for family shopping lists, letting everyone know what else to buy in near real time.

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As you can see, Google Keep is not as primitive as it seems to many. At the same time, fortunately, it has not yet become an elephant-like harvester, which barely moves under the load of functions and decorations invented by the developers. Using Google Keep is still pleasant, convenient and very fast. Do you agree?

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