How to turn off the webcam in Windows 10

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is known to tape his laptop’s webcam with duct tape. This guy definitely knows something.

However, if you want to follow his example to protect yourself from malicious CIA agents or hackers, you should not disfigure your computer with duct tape. It leaves sticky marks, and there is a more elegant way.

Press the Windows Key + R key combination to open the Run menu and enter the devmgmt.msc command. Or just go to “Start” and find “Device Manager” there.

In the window that opens, find the category “Cameras” or “Imaging devices”. Click on it to expand and see your camera. It will be named Integrated Camera, VGA WebCam, or USB Camera. Right-click on it and select “Disable” from the context menu.

You can breathe easy: your camera is now off. Well, if you need to return it to work, open the “Device Manager” again, right-click on the camera icon and click “Enable”. That’s all, no electrical tape.

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