How to turn off annoying screenshot previews in macOS

Along with the updated Screenshot app, macOS Mojave adds a feature for screenshot thumbnails that appear at the edge of the screen. You can interact with small previews: immediately open the screenshot for editing or drag it into the window of any application for further work.

Sounds very convenient in theory, but in reality it’s not so cool. First, not all applications support such imports. For example, Mail and Pixelmator know what you want to do, while Chrome and Evernote flatly refuse. Secondly, these thumbnails add a delay before saving the screenshot: after swiping the thumbnail, it takes another 1-2 seconds before the picture appears on the desktop.

If you are getting tired of this, there is an easy way to fix it.

1. Launch the Screenshot Utility by pressing Shift + Command + 5 and open the Options menu.

2. Uncheck the “Display floating thumbnail” checkbox. Ready!

From now on, screenshots will simply be saved to the desktop (or in another specified folder), as was the case in macOS High Sierra and earlier versions of the system.

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