How to save on contact lenses: 5 tips that work

How to save money on the purchase, we figured out together with the manufacturer Bausch + Lomb, which 50 years ago was the first to release soft contact lenses¹.

1. Try different types of lenses

Soft contact lenses can be divided into two groups:

  • One-day. You put them on in the morning and take them off and throw them away in the evening.
  • Planned replacement. They can be used for one or several months. Unlike one-day options, some scheduled replacement lenses can be worn on-the-fly for a few days to a month. This information is always indicated in the instructions.

In addition, colored contact lenses are available. They are usually designed to be worn daily for a month, and you cannot sleep in them.

Which lenses are right for you depends on the rhythm of life, habits and individual characteristics. If you experience dryness or discomfort in your eyes when you wear a particular model for a long time, you can sometimes use moisturizing drops. But if the discomfort persists for more than 1-2 weeks, you should consult a specialist. He may suggest changing the multifunctional solution you use to clean your contact lenses, or he may choose lenses made from a different material with a higher oxygen permeability.

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Sometimes it happens that planned replacement lenses are more comfortable than one-day lenses. A single pack of scheduled replacement lenses can cost slightly more than a pack of daily lenses, but they can be more profitable per day of wear.

If you rarely use contact lenses and alternate them with glasses, then it is hardly worth buying a new pair, designed for a month of use, for the sake of 2-3 days of wear. In this situation, it is more rational to order daily lenses.

Find lenses for free

2. Buy big packs and keep an eye out for promotions

Manufacturers, opticians and marketplaces often offer gifts, such as a free solution for lens packaging. Even if you are used to ordering lenses from a certain store, before buying, you should still compare prices on the Internet and choose the most suitable option.

Buying lenses in bulk is usually cheaper. In the online store, be sure to check how much the delivery is free and whether there are additional discounts – for example, for a review, repost, or ordering a certain number of pairs.

3. Participate in the recruiting program

This method will help you out when you want to try a new type of contact lenses, but the price stops you. The Bausch + Lomb Fitting Program gives you the opportunity to try on new lenses and see if you feel comfortable wearing them. To take part in the program, register on the manufacturer’s website and choose a suitable optics salon.

After registration, you will receive a certificate for a pair of Biotrue® ONEday² or Bausch + Lomb ULTRA® ³ lenses by email. Come with a certificate to the salon, where, as part of the selection, your visual acuity will be checked for free and new contact lenses will be selected.

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Get a free pair of lenses

4. Read the instructions before use

To spend less money on new pairs of lenses, you should treat them carefully and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, you cannot go to the bathhouse in contact lenses – they are not designed for temperatures above 40 ° C.

When swimming in a pool or sea, water, even accidentally entering the eye, can severely damage the lens material and lead to serious complications. Therefore, before going to the beach or the pool, you should leave your contact lenses at home and wear glasses. If you still want to maintain the usual level of comfort even while swimming, you can stay in contact lenses, but wear sealed goggles before swimming.

If you wake up in the morning with a runny nose, cough, or eye inflammation, do not wear your lenses. In these situations, the risk of developing eye infections increases – in this case, the used lenses will have to be thrown away. For the duration of the treatment, it is necessary to switch to glasses, and after recovery it is imperative to take a new pair of lenses.

5. Register in the loyalty program

Large stores and manufacturers usually have loyalty bonus programs. At Bausch + Lomb FRIENDS, for the accumulated points, you can get new lenses or rewards from partners – for example, a free online consultation with an ophthalmologist in the Smart Med app (16+) from the Medsi network of clinics or a subscription to the online cinema. You can register in the program even if you are not yet using the company’s products. Bausch + Lomb FRIENDS points will be awarded for codes from packaging lenses and solutions.

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You can get more points by registering codes from Bausch + Lomb packages. They are also credited for reviews, participation in surveys, inviting friends, subscribing to the manufacturer’s group “VKontakte”. If you purchase Bausch + Lomb lenses and register a code with a new packaging within two weeks of participating in the fitting program, you will be credited with double points.

Contact lenses are not only an opportunity to see all the colors of the world, but also a new level of freedom. They can be used for sports and dancing, driving a car or motorcycle, descending high slopes or watching a movie in 3D. Special offers from Bausch + Lomb make modern contact lenses more affordable. A recruiting program can be the first step towards seeing the world in a new way. And the Bausch + Lomb FRIENDS loyalty program will provide additional benefits and pleasant bonuses.

Participate in the loyalty program

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ONEday – one-day (Russian)

FRIENDS – friends (rus.)

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