How to learn to strive for pie in the sky

You’ve probably already seen the video or read about the notorious bullying of children with marshmallows, when children are promised more, but then, if they do not eat right away. But they, after adults, by the way, choose the titmouse in the overwhelming majority of cases.

However, if you look at those who do not choose (and they then succeed, by the way), then you can learn a thing or two. Yes, yes, learn from children.

In particular, they often used a simple trick: they did not look at the treat, played with their fingers, looked at the ceiling and walls, at anything, just not to see the temptation.

And it works. If you want to unlearn something, take a break. Take care of yourself so that there will be no time to think about the subject of obsession, if you like.

The second way is to scare yourself. Really, how easy it is to do by visiting a place where you can see the lungs of a smoker in formalin, or even better – visiting some regional hospital where fifty-year-old Russian peasants cough, spit, almost never walk from diseased vessels in their legs. Do you want to end your joyful life at fifty? Do you want to walk with a stick?

See how easy it is to scare a smoker?

But I prefer to be distracted. At the time of writing this article, I do not buy, although there are practically European sales around me (yes, falling demand makes Moscow really drop the price at times).

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