How to install Prisma for Android and remove the logo from the photo

The Prisma app was launched about a month ago for iOS devices. It quickly gained viral popularity thanks to the spectacular pictures that users posted on blogs and social networks. These were real works of fine art created by Prisma from ordinary photographs using neural networks.

Of course, Prisma is far from the first application of its kind. We have seen many times programs and services that try to imitate the manner of various artists. It’s all about quality. Prisma often makes paintings so realistic that it’s hard to believe that artificial intelligence created them.

Prisma for Android has all the same features as the iOS version, including over 30 different filters for processing new or existing photos on your device. And in the near future, the authors promise to add the ability to work with video to the application. That’s when the real fun starts!

By default, the application adds a small logo to the finished work. If you don’t like it, then you can easily get rid of it. To do this, just tap the gear on the main screen and disable the Add watermark option in the settings.

Please note that due to the avalanche growth of users, Prisma’s servers may experience some difficulty in processing photos. You need to have a little patience, over time everything will work out.

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