How remote work and freelancing make life easier

Freelancing income can be as regular as it is from office work if you set up the right relationship with the customer. Five girls told how they switched to remote work, what difficulties they faced and how much they receive per month.

Julia, editor, freelance blog author

Income: from 90 to 200 thousand rubles per month

I’ve been freelancing for two years. Before that, I worked in a serious semi-state company, until I was offered a remote job at HeadHunter.

I saw a lot of pluses. Firstly, the road to the office was very exhausting for me. Secondly, at the main job, it became boring to write only on the financial topic. I wanted to take on several projects. And thirdly, the income is not limited on freelancing. More projects – more salary. My maximum is 200 thousand, the average income is 90-100 thousand rubles.

Right now I only work as a content manager for Hh because I’m pregnant. I also maintain my blog on Instagram. 

I have a PI. I provide services officially, through a contract that I draw up myself. When a contract comes from a customer, I always look at it and make changes if something doesn’t suit me. I used to be embarrassed to do it. It seemed to me that I was digging into unimportant things. 

Tip: Check what is sent to you for signature, but rather draw up contracts yourself. Do not rely on verbal agreements and correspondence in instant messengers. 

I have not had any cases of direct “throwing”. But in one company there were large salary delays, for three months. I went to cooperation deliberately, because I understood that it was a large company. And if they don’t pay me, I’ll just make a booze, I’ll write to Facebook, mark all their accounts. And the contract did not specify any sanctions for delayed payments. Then I began to prescribe this item.

Marina, SMM specialist

Income: 150 thousand per month

Six months later, in the decree, I realized that I needed a propulsion plant. But such that I could work from home and spend time with the child. 

The first client was a friend – she kept her Instagram account about eyelash extensions. Then I took two more projects: I found them through ads, went through interviews. I did not formalize my relationship with anyone. There was a salary agreement, and everyone followed it.

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Over time, they began to recommend me, I took several courses. Now, three and a half years later, I already have six large projects. There is a copywriter and a photographer who help me. 

Serious companies, for example, a developer and a hotel, themselves offered to conclude an employment contract with me. I work on my word of honor with the rest. There was, however, a case when I started writing a corporate magazine. For three months I did it, passed it. And they don’t pay me money right away. They say: «Well we’re making up for now, surrender»… As a result, she received a fee in scanty portions for several months. After that, I realized that I should always take an advance payment of 50%.

Council: Do not be afraid to take an advance payment and do not regret the loss of clients who are not ready for it.

I am waiting for my total income to reach 200 thousand per month. After that, perhaps, I will open the IP. Now it is not profitable for me to be formalized, I am not ready to share with the state. Although I understand that the larger the company, the more convenient it is for it to do business with an officially registered person. I know that without an IP, my activity can be fraught. Therefore, I do not advertise my income and other details.

I recently finished my maternity leave, I had to go to my main job. But I realized that I didn’t want to. I like to play sports at a time that is convenient. Make your own schedule for the day. Although I had no idea how you can quit your job on TV. But, firstly, the schedule, and secondly, the salary. Now I get four times more than when I worked in the office.

Katya Makeeva, ux / ui designer

Income: from $ 1000 to $ 2500 per month

I never wanted to work on a schedule. Just not an office, just don’t take a minibus to work in the winter in the morning! Therefore, I began to look closely at remote vacancies. And for five years now I have been working as a freelancer.

I earn from one thousand to two and a half thousand dollars a month. I used to find orders on freelance exchanges. Then clients began to appear through word of mouth. 

Sometimes I think that I am the only freelancer who drowns for the fact that it is necessary to draw up contracts and an act of acceptance and transfer. In legal terms, everything is ok for me. In my blog, I urge everyone to do the same.

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I had a case when they were thrown. I even sued because of him! With one company, we agreed on a gray payment scheme. Now I am even ashamed to remember. The contract stated that I receive 9000 rubles a month, but in fact I received 30. As a result, at some point, the customer stopped paying me altogether. Began to feed breakfast. I already understood that I need to end this. I informed her that I would not carry out my duties until I received payment. Then her quote: “Katya, if you want to bend me down without working, you won’t succeed»… So, I did it. 

Council: Don’t be afraid to assert your rights. But remember that it is better to do this with a contract in hand. 

I went to court. Collected all the evidence that I work for her, even if it costs 9 thousand. Hired a lawyer and won the case. Now we are filling out a writ of execution to receive my salary. All these trials took me seven months. But in the end, I will receive about 80 thousand rubles for all these months, because my employer turned out to be so irresponsible. 

Evgeniya Evgrashkina, SMM manager and designer in the field of IT and virtual reality

Income: from 30 thousand per month

I had a little experience working “by the hour”As a creative person, it was hard. In my master’s degree, I accidentally met people who are engaged in virtual reality. I started working with them in design and social networks. Now I continue to work with them, and I also manage social networks for another company and take orders as a designer: I make pictures, posters, printed materials, banners. 

I get paid on a piece-rate basis, the amount depends on the amount of work. My income is 30 thousand a month or more. I do not burden myself with work: I can do more, but I try to do everything by inspiration. 

I periodically think about opening an IP. With one serious company, we did not grow together because of this. Another firm pays me officially, but through another company. With the rest she only signed a non-disclosure agreement.

This year I had a case: I worked with a large contractor, which is funded by the state, at the Eastern Economic Forum. We had a contract, but payments on it were delayed by several days. I don’t think they dumped us. Most likely, they just dragged on in the accounting department. 

Tip: Set aside money to have a reserve in case of late payment. 

I believe that there is no need to panic again, write letters, claims. If the company is large, you need to understand that it has a lot to do in addition to some kind of payments there to some freelancer.

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Ekaterina Zavyalova, SMM specialist

Income: 25 rubles per month

I went freelancing two years ago when I was on maternity leave. She began to write texts on the sly, make layouts for Instagram. I did not formalize my relations with clients in any way. It was such that I sent the work for approval, they answered me: “This is not what we need» and my work was not paid. Or the client did not have a clear technical specification, they just wanted “something to enter»… I send them a text, they say, they say, not that. And they do not give adequate edits. Now I work with such clients only on a prepaid basis, and at 100%.

Tip: If you know you are good at what you do, work on a prepaid basis. 

Now I work in an office, but at the same time I keep accounts for other companies. I signed a contract with them, where I wrote down all the services and responsibilities of the parties. Freelance income is now 25 rubles per month.

How can a freelancer conclude a contract and pay taxes? 

A freelancer has three ways to legalize his work. If the income is small and irregular, file a tax return as an individual and pay 13% of personal income tax. When the income is regular, like the heroines of the material, this is already entrepreneurship. You need to register an individual entrepreneur, pay taxes: 13% of income on the general system or 6% on the simplified tax system. 

Another option is to register as self-employed and pay professional income tax. In this case, the tax will be 4% on income from individuals and 6% on income from individual entrepreneurs and legal entities. So far, this is an experiment, and the status of self-employed is valid only in 23 regions of Russia. This model of work is suitable if you do not have employees and your income does not exceed 2,4 million rubles per year.

To protect yourself from unscrupulous customers, you need a contract. With him, everything is not as difficult as it seems. For most freelancers, two types of documents are suitable: a service agreement and a work contract. There are many templates on the Internet upon request – you can download one of them and rewrite it for yourself. 

The most convenient is a work contract. The plus is that if you work on it, you don’t need to bother with the declaration. The employer pays your 13%, automatically deducting it from the total cost of the work.

You can use the template text of the document, or you can write additional conditions or change something. The principle of freedom of contract operates in Russian legislation. Therefore, the parties can include any provisions, as long as they suit everyone and do not contradict the law. 

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