Hidden Bar is a free program that will help you hide unnecessary icons in the macOS tray

If you’ve been using macOS for a long time, you probably have a bunch of icons in your tray. These are cloud storage, and programs for creating screenshots, and instant messengers, and antiviruses, and much more. Sometimes in all this “splendor” you simply get lost.

Of course, you can sort the icons by dragging them with the Cmd key pressed, and if you drag them from the tray, they will evaporate (the same do the icons in the dock). However, not all icons can be removed with this technique.

The miniature Hidden Bar utility comes to the rescue in such a situation. It allows you to hide the tray icons you don’t need and show them on click only when needed.

Install and run Hidden Bar. Two icons will appear in the tray – a stick and an arrow. Drag, while holding down the Cmd key, the arrow to the place of the tray where it will not interfere with you. And place the stick so that all the program icons you do not need are to the left of it.

Now when you click on the arrow, the icons to the left of the wand will hide. Pressing it again will bring them back. The program does not affect the icons on the right.

To open the Hidden Bar preferences, click the wand and in the menu that appears, click Preferences.

Here you can enable the autostart of the program at computer startup, disable the display of settings (by default, they always pop up at the first start), make the icons hide automatically after a while, or assign a keyboard shortcut to the Hidden Bar switch.

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The program is absolutely free and contains no ads. Download and use.

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