Hard disk vulnerability found in Windows 10

A security expert discovered a vulnerability in Windows 10 that could disable NTFS file systems with a single line of code. This leads to hard disk failures, which only in some cases could be corrected by restarting the computer.

To make matters worse, this code is embedded in HTML and triggered when you open a folder with a file that contains this code in the name. Simply put, a hard drive can fail simply because a user has followed a link or opened a shared folder where someone put such a file.

The problem is reproducible even if you just paste the code into the browser (excluding Internet Explorer). Almost immediately after this, a notification about a hard disk error appears.

Seems like it can also be triggered when you paste the command in the URL of a browser except ie so far pic.twitter.com/7XsGhrowps

– Siam Alam (@Slmi0xC) January 15, 2021

Microsoft reacted to this message almost a week after publication and promised to fix it in a future security patch. Until then, users are advised to be careful when following links and downloading files from unknown senders.

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